Turin Social Help Desk Online Web Portal Hacked, Italian College of Railway Engineers Defaced by LulzSecITA

Last night, January 18th 2019, Anonymous Italy, LulzSecITA and AntiSecITA announced a joint hack and leak of the Social Help Desk web portal of the city of Turin, Italy, as well as the Italian College Railway of Engineers. In a press release made available to the public via their website, the group explained how they hacked the websites in protest of the development of a new railway line connecting the city of Turin, Italy to Lyon, France – construction said to be completed over the course of the next several years.

In a message to the public attached to the hacks, LulzSecITA explained:

Today we are here to talk about the umpteenth mess that the Italian Government and European Union are carrying out in Val di Susa, a high speed railway line that would connect Turin (Italy) with Lyon (France). This will be a railway line designed for High Speed ​​Trains (TAV), considered to be in the “Great Interest” of the people of Europe, even though local populations/institutions haven’t been consulted on the matter. 

However, the environmental damage from this project will be huge, as anyone can read for themselves on the internet.Apart from the damage to the people of Italy and the local environment, something else that the Government never talks about is how much this is going to cost the taxpayers. For example, and the financing necessary for the Turin-Lyon line will be exclusively public, taking away funding from other important projects around the country. 

Despite its obvious uselessness, the Turin-Lyon has also become a symbol of politics seeking to silence popular movements like those of NOTAV, which resists the twenty years finding this project will require. This is also the general consensus of the people in society who are aware of what is going on here and work so tireless everyday to sustain our Government in all of its en-devours.

The State has in fact conspired against us without shame, accusing and incarcerating us with the intent or breaking out will to fight back and demand change. This railway line is yet another 21st century scam. We are inviting all of your who feel as we do to join and participate in this protest!

In the data provided below, you can find the mirrored location of files/folders contained within Turin’s Social Help Desk online databases, as well as a screen shot of Italy’s College of Railway Engineers at the time of its defacing. As of mid-day Saturday, January 19th 2019, the website has already been restored to its original version.

Websites Effected:


Original Press Release: https://anon-italy.blogspot.com/2019/01/notav-2019.html
Database Mirror: https://privatebin.net/?ea318cc84d42b0aa#IuFAKHDjfQV78Y/eCRvh3qGWY7TuaqYM450TB8jgWuI=

Screen Shot of Deface: