150 KB of Data, Accounts of 5,748 GMAIL Clients Hacked & Leaked Online

Browsing through some of the postings around the web this evening I managed to stumble across a unique leak of data, apparently effecting thousand of clients belonging Google’s GMail. Posted by an unknown hacker the evening of Febraury 6th 2019, in a file consisting of 150 KB of data, the leak features the email address and password of approximately 5,748 GMail users. It remains unknown how the hacker got the data, as well as what, if anything, they were using the data for. The leaker even failed to disclose their identity online and no one has claimed credit for the breach. Still though, the incident was interesting and unique enough for me to want to document briefly here today.

Full Raw Leak: https://pastebin.com/raw/AnuXXb7t