Prefeitura do Município de Apucarana Hacked by Al1ne3737, Access To Sites Internal Messaging Servers Leaked Online

This morning, February 19th 2019, “Al1ne3737” of the international hacking group known as “M1n3 B0ys” announced a hack and leak of the Municipal Council of Apucarana, Brasil. Not only did Al1ne3737 manage to breach the site, but they were also able to download and extract sensitive data from it- which was then uploaded to a 3rd party data hosting service (AnonFile), before being released to the public. For example, below you can find a file stolen from the site containing approximately 901.17 KB of data.

In screen shots of the leak posted to Twitter, Al1ne3737 provides proof that they were able extract the login username and passwords of 125 registered website administrators, granting full access to their internal messaging servers through the government’s online web portal – exposing god knows how much personal/sensitive information from there.

Alvo: hxxp://
Site Login: hxxp://
Database Download (901.17 KB):