#OpOrangeNotice 3 TB of Hacking Tutorials, Guides, Files, Tools & Exploits Leaked Online

So, I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to release this to the public after I accidentally stumbled upon it researching a separate leak last week, but after some careful contemplation I figured “ehhh F*ck it, why not?” I’ve got to admit, a large part of the reason why I decided against publishing the leak in the first place is the fact that it’s literally impossible for me to backup 3 Terrabytes of data – at least right now. And, given my current life situation, if the leaks ever were to be taken down then someones life work would have essentially been taken down with it – lost to the ashes of internet history #RIP.

However, I have since managed to download/backup at least some of the individual files and file folders contained within the leak, including all of the most important and/or unique onea, so I no longer mind releasing the leak in in its entirety here today. While at least some, if not most of the leaked material is in Portuguese, through the leaked material provided below you can find various malware exploits, viruses, hacking tutorials, demonstrations, delivery methods and much more. Honestly, too much to list possibly list here – at least for the purposes of this article. Merry late Christmas @TheInternet, happy clicking!

Access Full Leak: https://mega.nz/?fbclid=IwAR0MMLWj1oM9FhKkmOWMC95J7W37ZO73eCLd82KFOSHOSfVHqC1jlVkWRfI#F!IUAGTAAb!bsOdM6-XG6BBcoKh638REQ!kY402Z7R