Italian Ministero dell’Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare Pwned by LulzSecITA, 2.31 GB of Compressed Database Files Leaked Online

Earlier this morning, February 21st 2019, LulzSecITA announced a massive data breach effecting the Government of Italy. More specifically exposed in the hacks/leaks are the the Italian Ministry of Environment and Protection of the Territory and the Sea, the Department of Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical Substances (, as well as the countries Ecotoxicological Database on Chemical Substances and office of Environmental Assessments and Authorizations.

Once again, the hacks were carried out in conjunction with “Operation Green Rights” (#OpGreenRights), an international hacking campaign designed to raise awareness on behalf of issues effecting the world’s environment and bring justice to those whom either do harm to it or are not doing enough to prevent it. This is also the 4th such major hack/leak of the Italian Government in 2019 alone, adding to a hack of 7 governmental argicuture industries on February 16th, a hack of the cities of Vento and Trento on Febraury 12th and hack of the City State Conference and Local Autonomies Authority on January 21st.

Exposed in the leaks are over 2 Gigabytes (GB) of compressed files stolen from the Ministero dell’Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare, essentially comprising of the Ministry’s entire set of internal databases. The leaks also feature access to the Ministry’s WebMail servers, providing the login web page and administrator credentials necessary to gain root access Ministry’s servers – exposing confidential emails exchanged by Ministry employees and personnel. In addition to this, the hackers also took the opportunity to hack/deface the Ministry and one of its sub-domains, along with two other organizations operating under its jurisdiction – screen shots of which you can find below.

In a message attached to the leak, LulzSecITA stated the following:

Hello Citizens of the World,

Anonymous was born as an idea, an idea which unites the people of this world in our common struggle for human rights and freedom. These are also the same ideals which led to the birth of this faction of Anonymous.

Operation Green Rights is a summary of our collective frustration over seeing the human race subjugated by money, for which people commit murder, or exploit and oppress others, which undermines any principle of democracy and human dignity, issues which should be at the heart of every civilized country.

Today our attention has turned to the ministry of the environment, the authority supposedly tasked with the protection of our territory and ecosystems. For this reason we thought we might take a peak inside the data of your ministry, including ‘confidential’ documents hidden from the public eye as to get and idea of the true importance of the work you provide our society. 

Much like with the construction of the airport of Florence, where you can read studies documented by the Florentine University outlining the danger to flora and fauna that the increased air traffic and construction projects will produce, as well as the danger to local wildlife including the regions bird populations – studies which point to possible extinction of at least some species in the area. 

Despite academic studies and these warnings however, projects like the TAP pipeline carried forward without any regards to pollution or the disfigurement of the land. It was also constructed with no regards given to the local population or people its construction displaced – despite the public appeals of the Municipalities of Puglia and other local associations. 

Did someone get rich off these works?

As always, just as with your continued incompetence in managing the ministry, you are equally as incompetent managing your servers and data – treated with little respect for all the people at play, including ourselves.  

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forget
We do not lose

Today’s Leak In Its Entirety:

Original Press Release:

Database Dump (2.31 GB):

Zip File:!vVZlmKTQ!Y5_putZuPARehTT0gwmojNaFfx48-7a4RzfaEhrW6kU
Browse Folders:!WJRyiSwB!uSTqFdZ_CeBopYaWJnwHpg
Backup Download:

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Webmail/Database/Integration Systems Credentials:

Raw Leak:


Screen Shots from Defaces:

As of the evening hours of 2/21/2019 the websites no longer remain in their defaced condition, rather, it appears as though the Government has taken them down entirely – presumably to repair the damage and conduct forensic analysis of the hacks themselves…..