Taranto Informa & Unimpresa Puglia Bari Hacked/Defaced by Anonymous Italia To Raise Awareness Over Rising Cancer Rates Inside The Region

Yesterday, February 28th 2019, Anonymous Italia announced a hack and defacement of Taranto Informa, an online shopping portal specifically designed for the city of Taranto, Italy, as well as Unimpresa Puglia Bari, the regional and provincial headquarters of the National Union of Businesses of Puglia, Italy. The hacks were carried as part of a much larger international campaign known as “Operation Green Rights,” a group largely led by Italian hackers in the name/spirit of raising awareness of ongoing political issues effecting the local environment and ecology.

Reading through their original press release, it appears as though this weeks hacks were carried out in an effort to raise awareness over rising cancer rates inside the geographic region of Taranot, Italy – which have grown disproportionately larger than other areas of the country.  Indubitably, these cancer rates are directly tied to the heavy industrial development of the region over the decades, which is exactly why the hackers chose to target various online business portals attached to the city – attempting to hit the corporations where it hurts them the most, in the pockets.

Read More – #OpGreenRights: https://roguemedialabs.wpcomstaging.com/?s=opgreenrights&x=0&y=0

In a message attached to the hack, Anonymous Italia left the following:

Hello citizens of the world.

Today we want to continue talking about industrial pollution , a silent killer threatening our children. However, this time we do not talk about the future, but rather about the past and how the profit margins of rich corporations have ruined the lives of countless generations of people.  

For example, Taranto is a city which has been destroyed by nefarious policies and economics, which have had no respect for the environment or the people populating the region.

While Ilva has brought work and prosperity, the others have brought massacres – destroying the lives of people who have lost their loved ones. The data is clear, the cancerous tumors of women, children and men in that area continue to grow exponentially with each new year. For example, as summarized by the Cancer registry released to the public in 2016, “If even Ilva and other industries in Taranto were closed, the people of Taranto would continue to get cancer at higher rates than other regions of Italy for many more years to come. “

When our children start getting cancer, it means its now time to say that BASTA has arrived. We at Anonymous and LulzSecIta do not want to see the world end in oblivion at the hands of politicians whose words do not follow the evidence. Together with the Ministry of the Environment, it is time to reclaim Taranto from the Government ensure a better quality of life for all the future generation of the city! 

We are with Taranto
We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not forgive
we do not forget
Always expect us

Target: hxxp://tarantoinforma.it/

Screen Shot of Deface:

Target: hxxp://unimpresapuglia.com/

Screen Shot of Deface: