#OpGreenRights: LulzSecITA & Anonymous Italy Hack 7 Local/National Government Agencies & Businesses Across Italy In Protest of Industrial Air Pollution

Yesterday, March 3rd 2019, “LulzSecITA” and “Anonymous Italia” released a massive string of hacks, leaks and defacement effecting 7 local Government agencies and environmental corporations throughout Italy. Chief among them was a hack and leak of FederFarma, Italy’s National Federation of Italian Pharmacy Holders, a data dump strung out across three separate leaks, well over 600 pages in length, exposing the unique identifications and login’s of every registered pharmacist across Italy. 

Also implicated in this weekend leaks were Hydro Energia, an Italian company incorporated in 2011 with the acquisition of the hydroelectric business branch of CO-VER EnergiaMedio Novarese Ambiente, a company managing the services and transport of solid urban waste in the province of Novara, Nuova Salento Energia, a subsidiary of the Province of Lecce responsible for checking the combustion efficiency of heating systems, ABC Napoli, a water quality control service operating out of Napoli, PromoFarma, a sub-division of FerderFarma tasked with the collection of data on prescriptions of drugs sent from pharmacies to the National Health Service, as well as the Consiglio per la Ricerca in Agricoltura e l’analisi dell’Economia Agrarai (CREA), a National agency tracking intellectual property and research conducted by Agricultural industries across Italy.

Original Press Release 03/05/2019: https://anon-italy.blogspot.com/2019/03/opgreenrightsmai-stanchi-di-difendere.html

Not only were the hackers able to breach to databases of all of the institutions listed below, but the also managed to take down some of the sites and deface them with a cover photo of their operation. The leaks below are substantial, perhaps the largest release from the group since November 5th 2018. In a message attached to their leaked data March 3rd 2019, Anonymous Italia left the following:

Hello Citizens of the World,

Anonymous was born as an idea, an idea which unites the people of this world in our common struggle for human rights and freedom. Those same ideals also led to the birth of this faction of Anonymous.

Operation Green Rights is a summary of our frustration at seeing the human race subjugated by money, for which people commit to murder, exploit and oppress others, which undermines all principles of democracy and human decency, which should be the foundation for every modern civilization.

We have witnessed Wars for oil, methane, precious metals or simply just to control vast fertile areas and pastureland, subjugating people only for convenience, through commercial agreements for billions of Euros.

We continue to spend millions simply just to research nuclear wars, thus taking away funds for research on renewable energy. All this while oil tankers sink into the sea causing untold and irreparable ecological damage to our planet. Furthermore, we should all be aware of the ongoing global warming caused by the agreements under these policies. Glaciers are melting faster than we first expected decades ago, increasing sea levels. This is not to mention the ozone hole, which accelerates climate change, making it worse for the globes population, extinguishing hundreds of animal species.

The current policies of big corporations and governments, in exchange for money, are not only oppressing our rights, but also those of every other living being. We, like Operation Green Rights, want to say no to this!

But today we are not here to only talk about these issues, but also about how necessary it to begin improve the quality of the air we breath, and for this we must make further efforts, among which is the reduction of ammonia emissions – 95% of which is caused by the agriculture industry. We all know that the fight against air pollution is one of the cornerstones of environmental policies over recent years. However, the only sector which hasn’t demonstrated any progress is area is that of agriculture, which has taken no steps forward.

However, today we do not just bring attention to this, we are also fighting to raise awareness over air the very air we breath and further international efforts to improve its quality. For the purposes of our latest rounds of attacks, we fight to reduce ammonia emissions, 95% of which are released by commercial agriculture industries. However, while air quality has been at the forefront of international efforts over the years, one of the only commercial sectors yet to make a significant improvement or contribution is the worlds agriculture industry.  

It is not enough simply enough just to reduce industrial and vehicular emissions, we are now asking the same of agricultural lobbies, or at least the breaking down of or reduction in the use of nitrogen fertilizers, all the same as the other sectors demand.

It becomes futile to try and clean the air when companies continue to fill rivers and soils with tons of manure, medicines, fertilizers, disinfectants, nitrogen, ammonia, nitrates and other forms of waste byproducts from modern agriculture. We the people hope that all large lobbies, not only the industrial ones, but also the agricultural and intensive farming ones, all become aware of the serious damage they are causing to the lungs, heart and life-blood of our planet.

Operation Green Rights aims to create a safer and better world for our children, in a more civilized and cleaner world, with full respect for mother nature, which everyone can embrace with open arms. We want Mother Nature to continue living in a healthy way, promoting life with her beauty.

We do not stand for oppression, nor the blood shed in our streets in the name of greed.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forget.
We do not forgive.

Hydro Energy:

Target: hxxp://www.hydroenergia.it/
DUMP: https://privatebin.net/?2b62d41afde6dc34#Ygm0Jg2ftlWKpUoVQOp5gqUb9Aeg6o/5XMEUUwqPNsM=

Medio Novarese Ambiente:

Target: hxxp://www.medionovareseambiente.com/
Data Dump: https://privatebin.net/?e2088c34a67a26ec#MBnUEiD11DXMu00L6ZbOsZA3cKu+2nGOmz4Xa4ZJixo=

Salento Energia:

Target: hxxp://nuovasalentoenergia.it/
Data Dump: https://privatebin.net/?3b47363ba9fa8ca2#7MfpC7egsQT/Fl6fpQxbMcX1us2z8ltGQzRoN3PCEh4 =

Water Naples:

Target: hxxp://www.abc.napoli.it/
Data Dump: https://privatebin.net/?8c6ed80589699412#hDGfe0R18R3S9KITtDTA3DgzgpKBKtb/c93WJT06t1U=


Target: hxxp://intranet.promofarma.it/
Data Dump: https://privatebin.net/?aaea3bd50652d1c9#rNx0hLqrIDZq8N/fVCAM3UihjMUf0RgTRiHogakUihg=

Entecra – Italian Agency – Research Council on Agriculture and Agricultural Economics:

Target: hxxp://sito.entecra.it/
Data Dump: https://privatebin.net/?ba40b3987ac63a17#1e0U0rnQ8ujzwMy5J2X5Tg5VpFJpIpmKzs1AhROowSU=


Target: hxxp://messina.federfarma.it/

Data Dump 1: https://privatebin.net/?edfa86c0a3b52918#GwWtu9XzWoZ89b2T1STXyFXP0HGt+lZKck+HYz94Y4Q=
Decryption Key for Data Dump 1: ^/8HbK3w’d?IRk&+

Data Dump 2: https://vim.cx/?20329f2856c3a7ad#8WWcaVtBk+Kk67O7KdaNCcNbZtUgmYiZzCnvooA2i10=
Data Dump 3: https://privatebin.net/?dd6f1d64efac26ec#q10KpGB0nr+AFhcd7sd/Y7e2o+kXUV0Z6miI3NipJS8=