Pakistan Navy Logs Hacked/Dumped Online by Unknown Hacker Out of India

For those of you whom might not be aware, all of the recent events surrounding the disputed territory of Kashmir around Pakistan and India are not just limited to physical military presences – the battle very much extends to cyberspace, with many talented parties/hackers existing on either side of the dispute. To this effect, last night I came across an interesting leak effecting the Navy of Pakistan, offering up over a dozen military logs necessary to access the contents of and the sites back-end.

The hack/leak itself was claimed by a group of hackers known as “LulzSec India,” whom similarly claimed a hack/leak of the United States Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in February 2019. However, the accounts and social profiles representing the group itself have since been taken offline and/or abandoned. The leak of Pakistan’s Navy itself was posted March 16th 2019, so there is no telling whether or not the logs provided below are still valid. For the purposes of this article I have redacted the passwords featured in the leak, but the file location available below features raw leak in its entirety with no censorship.

Target: hxxp://

Sample of Redacted Leak:

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