Associação Nacional do Auditores Fiscais, Conselho Federal de Estatistica & SigProJ Administration of Brasil Hacked by Pryzraky

Yesterday, April 4th 2019, “Al1ne3737” of “Pryzraky” announced a hack of 4 Government agencies, organizations and websites across Brasil, leaking sensitive information tied to their databases online. More specifically implicated in the hacks/leaks were the SigProJ Administration, National Association of Tax Auditors (ANFIP), the online web portal of the 8th Region of Brasil (Pará and Amapá), as well as the Federal Council of Statistics (CONFE).

The leaks are significant, exposing information such as CPF numbers, telephone numbers, email addresses, psychical addresses, usernames and passwords of literally tens of thousands government employees and registered users. However, while the entirety of all the file folders contained within the leak add up to tens of thousands, due to file/time constraints, Al1ne3737only” released a couple thousand records to the general public. You can find all of these and more via the leaks provided below. Please note that all of the downloads are safe to the public – enjoy!

Target: hxxp://

Associação Nacional do Auditores Fiscais da Receita Federal do Brasil: hxxp://
Portal do TRT 8ª Região – Pará e Amapá: hxxp://
Database Download (688.79 KB):