#OpFunKill: Anonymous Activists Raise Awareness for Exotic Animal Hunting, Trade & Smuggling w/ Cyber Attacks Across Laos & Zimbabwe

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For those of you whom might not be familiar with me or my past, I very much used to be a member of the Anonymous hacker collective. In fact, my first ever operation was known as “Operation Cheetah Trade” (#OpCheetahTrade), a unique operation designed to track Cheetah smugglers out of Africa and into countries such as the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East – I assume because at the time I had just adopted my first baby kitten. However, while the operation was initially designed to track Cheetah smugglers out of Africa, before long enough the operation had quickly grown to encompass dog fighting rings and all other forms exotic animals smuggling, trade and exploitation in general.

Before the operation was over, through the Anonymous Intelligence Agency, hackers from around the world had managed to report 36 illegal animal trade web sites and their subscribers to INTERPOL and the FBI, closed 3 illegal dog fighting rings in Lebanon, Turkey & Czech Republic along with their websites and social platforms, and had even managed to set up a internal servers for people to report all kinds of animal abuse directly to international organizations such as PETA.

Learn More – Origins of #OpCheetahTrade: https://anonhq.com/?s=Cheetah+trade

I don’t bring any of this up to brag or relive my glory days, but rather because I just stumbled upon a new leak which reminds me of my previous work. The new operation is officially referred to as “Operation Fun Kill” (#OpFunKill), and essentially appears to the natural evolution of the operation I created many years ago. Today however, the operation appears to focus almost exclusively on the hunting/killing of animals around Africa and Asia for sheer sport by rich Caucasians or European tourists, as well as to raising awareness on behalf of animal exploitation/cruelty for the sake of money making – such as the serving of shark fin soup in Asia, elephant tusk ivory trade in Africa, seal skin clothing in Canada/Iceland – et cetera.


For the purposes of this website at least, I was first inspired to write about this operation after coming across a hack and leak of 12 websites across South Asia and Africa. While the hackers decided against releasing any data, at least for the time being, to serve as proof that they were there and the sites infrastructure was compromised, the hackers did release list of domains along with their IP Addresses, along with a list of open ports attached to each website. Additionally, to prove that they could leak the data if they really wanted, the hackers also listed the names, makes and version numbers of each sites internal databases.

As for why Laos has found itself such a high priority target in this operation, it stems as the result of a recent investigation carried out by the Environmental Investigation Agency. For example, the investigation quite literally calls the country of Laos a “lawless playground” for animal smuggling, exploitation and consumption, which doesn’t even pretend to have “even a pretense of law enforcement or regulation.” It is for this reason that vigilante hackers have started taking matters into their own hands. You are invited to learn more about the situation through the resources provided below.

View Full Investigation: http://eia-international.org/wp-content/uploads/EIA-Sin-City-FINAL-med-res.pdf

Targets of Hacks:


Data Leak: https://ghostbin.com/paste/bot3z

Learn More – Follow #OpFunKill Online: https://twitter.com/search?src=typd&q=%23OpFunKill

Browse Environmental Investigation Agency Report from Laos: