New Hacking Group Known as Karamujo Official Claims Responsibility for 5 Hacks Across North & South America

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Over the course of the last several days/weeks a new hacking group has been attracting my attention, which they now have. The group officially refers to themselves as “Karamujo” aka “#SST Stealers Team” and at least on the surface level, appear to have no discernible nationality amoungst themselves – nor commonality between their targets. The group also has an extremely unique style when it comes to leaking information, the type of information they leak and the manner in which they leak it – all styles/techniques I have never seen assembled like this before, which also goes to tell you a little something about them.

Considering that I’ve never covered them before and Defcon Lab has already covered their other hacking campaigns last week, for the purposes of this article I would like to cover 5 of their most recent and highest profile attacks – targeting various institutions and organization across North and South America.

Geographic Military Institute of Ecuador: hxxp://

[+] FTP:
[+] LEAK: (By @SSTowna)

Brasilian Institute of Geographic Statistics: hxxps://
[FILES]: (via @DebochadoSST)

City Hall of Rio de Janeiro: hxxp://

Virtual Library of The Constitutional Court of Ecuador: hxxp://