xS1lenc3d of Iznaye Dumps +70,000 Customer Emails Online Following Attack on The Forums of Peugot France

Earlier today, May 1st 2019, a hacker going by the name of “xS1lenc3d” () of the international hacking group referring to themselves as “Iznaye” () released a massive leak of customer email addresses attached to the forums of Peugeot France – a French based automotive manufacturing company. The leak is significant, allegedly exposing over 70,000 customer emails spanning almost a decade. The leak itself comes in the form of multiple individual Microsoft Excel files, dating between March 18th 2010 to November 5th 2018 – again, encompassing over 70,000 individuals.

xS1lenc3d is said to have carried out the attack in solidarity with the Yellow Vest protesters of France. More specifically, in a message attacked to the release, xS1lenc3d stated:

The French people are rising against to protest in France, fighting for their rights and freedoms. Mr. Macron seems to the President of ALL the French People.

If you do not want these demonstrations to turn into a Revolution, listen to them, listen to us. Take care of these revolts, those people who do not even have enough money to feed themselves. These people are victims of this society so unfair and unequal. I will tell you, Mr. President, you are not able to run a country like France.

We will not submit,
We will continue to fight,
Until the last drop of blood.

Target: hxxp://forum-peugeot.com/
Data Leak: https://anonfile.com/pf1c2fl7n3/PeugeotLeak_rar