As Part of A New Hacking Campaign, LulzSec Italy Releases Data Leak Effecting The Legal Teams of Order Lawyers Caltagirone & Order Lawyers Matera

So, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to write this article today because, technically speaking, the subject matter is going to be a five part series. So, do I publish one story a day for the next five days? Or do I wait until the 5th day to write one giant article? Well, after some heavy contemplation, as it turns out, I have decided on neither – welcome to the life/mind of a news editor.

With that out of the way, getting to the news at hand, earlier today, May 6th 2019, “LulzSec Italy(@LulzSec_ITA) launched a cyber attack against two legal institutions – Order Lawyers Caltagirone & Order Lawyers Matera. Contained with the leak are the user names and passwords of approximately 371 users/clients of these two legal teams – available to the public as a download via the links provided below. Perhaps most interestingly, LulzSecITA also marked the leak part one of five – perhaps indicating that there will be 4 more leaks similar to this over the coming days. Stay tuned for updates.

Browse Leak:!ZCQVyQ7A!C-lJE8GNttfzaewpesjLKQ
Download Leak:!IHpkhCQI!0w9mfXADtLsTu4hi2grVh5G0XtjtKEc2Unteh8bU0Ds