The ‘Rosenburg Files’ Tell The Tale of Why Anti-Fascist (Anti-Nazi) Servers Were Seized by German Ministry of Justice

So, I’m not trying to turn this next article into some masterpiece or spread any disinformation, but what I received in response to a recent legal request in Germany was certainly interesting. For those of you whom might not be aware, a couple weeks ago my anti-virus software would not let me connect to a website I visit nearly everyday – As a result, I reached out to some of my fellow “comrades” working there are received the following message:

Local Court Bamberg seized our hard drives from CyberGuerrilla Autonomous Nexus without notifying us or giving any reason. If someone in Germany could help us it would be appreciated we need reason why they seized our hard drives.

Local Court Bamberg for IP
File number: 1 Gs 2117/19 (710 AR 178/19)

Not asking for money but maybe you can find a lawyer (collective) in Germany to represent us (free of charge) to ask information on why our hard drives where seized on Friday 19 July. Basically only trying to figure out, that is why we started from scratch because court has all data concerning password hashes, key’s, certs, etc.

– With revolutionary greetings, General Secretary, Central Committee of the Meowist Party of the Soviet CyberGuerrilla Autonomous Nexus

International CyberGuerrillA Column

Well, it took me a couple days, but I decided to take on the task myself and proceeded to send out multiple messages to Germany Ministry of Justice in Bavaria where the files were seized. When that didn’t work, I then proceeded to try and reach out to Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service – Bundesamt fur Verfassungsschutz – because I’ve worked with them several times in the past with much success. However, even they too denied any comments on the matter. Researching everything a bit further, I found that same error message posted by the webmaster of dated 2017. So, was it a mistake from my contact, did the webmaster date the material wrong, or did history repeat itself? Probably the first.

Interestingly enough though, the only thing I did get from all my exchanges was the document provided below. What makes it so interesting is that it’s a document which tells the tale of how World War II era members of Hitlers ruling Nazi Party were not only given Amnesty for their crimes after the War, but were then hired after the fact to serve in Germany’s Federal Ministry of Justice in the decades following the end of the War. As the report even eludes to, as of the mid 1970’s, more than 90 senior level members of the Federal Ministry of Justice, former members of the Nazi political party, were still serving office.

The document also tells the tale of Germany’s history of Nazi influence on the countries justice system. Once again, which was still occurring well into the 1970’s. Indubitably, these footprints or influences/impacts still exist to this very day. The document was published in reference to something called the “Rosenburg Project” – that’s the correct spelling. What’s interesting about that is the fact that you can search the Rosenburg Project on Google and absolutely nothing pops up, which means this information isn’t exactly mainstream or readily available – which is why I’m publishing it here today.

Lastly, tying everything together now, and this is just a guess, I think the reason why I was provided this exact information was for me to fill in the gaps? What I mean to say is that CyberGuerrilla is perhaps the single most visible and powerful Anti-Fascist platform in the world right now – at least on the internet anyways. As I’ve also previously explained, Anti-Fascisist’s are Anti-Nazi through and through, which is the whole reason why the Anti-Fascists movement even emerged in the first place during the years leading up to and through World War II – because of Nazism and peoples/countries allegiances to its ideology.

So, as I maintain, I think I was given this information to read between the lines – so to speak. Germany is seizing these peoples servers, Donald Trump is leading a movement to classify Anti-Nazi’s terrorists, and all around the world actual Nazi’s are the ones committing acts of terror – especially recently here inside the US, probably because of our, at best, Nazi-sympathizing President. Make no mistake, Nazism is alive and well in all corners of the world and has remained so ever since the end of the War – as the Rosenberg Files chronicle. As I’ve also already stated, the War is already here – choose your side wisely mi amigos.

Download Rosenburg Files Research Report:

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