The Great Green Wall of Africa, The Worlds Next Natural World Wonder

This next article will describe one of the most interesting international undertakings in the world right now, a multi-state initiative to stop the Sahara Desert from growing and expanding southward throughout the entire continent of Africa. Started in 2008, the undertaking involves the collective undertaking of 12 states across Africa, each of which share the southern border of the Sahara Desert across the continent. The initiative itself involves the planting of grass, trees and other biological products to attract wildlife and grow grow biodiversity, which will then form a natural land border with the desert and stop it from growing larger – essentially using nature to fight nature.

While the project is currently in its infancy and you may not have heard of it before, it promises to become the next great wonder of the world by the time the project is complete. If you would like to learn more you are invited to watch the video below, or follow the provided links- enjoy.

The Great Green Wall: