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Admittedly, over the course of the last several years the global phenomenon known as the “Million Mask March” has slowly lost a little bit of steam in main stream society, many thanks to all those hard workers at the National Crime Centre of London and the FBI of the United States for that! But as I take a look around the hacking scene again in the fall of 2019 I can already see something is new, something is different, and can already feel a heightened sense of fervor surround this years March – November 5th 2019.

It’s hard to say what is fueling it, but what we do know is that this years movement will largely be led by many countries we wouldn’t normally have expected over previous years, such as the Sudan in Africa, Ecuador and Brasil in South America, and Hong Kong in the far East – where fervor appears to be at its highest. Talking to different members online, there are already extensive protests already lined up for the 5th there – which will surely be a sight to see.

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Browsing through the list for myself, I can not help but notice that there are no events planned for New York City this year though – which is something I should have expected. Granted last November 5th it was raining and in the mid 30’s (Fahrenheit) when I showed up at the MMM 2018 on Wall Street, I was disappointed to learn that I was literally the only one present that day – aside from all the guard rails and police, that is. Perhaps it is the natural course of things, but even though the Million Mask March may be dying in some of the more legacy places around the world you might have expect it, such as New York City, it is in turn now growing in other regions you might not have never found it before. Either way, anyone and everyone interested should do what they can to support the movement and next months march, even if it means just making some flyers/signs and pinning them up around where ever you happen to live.

** EDITORS NOTE: New York City was officially added to protests list 10/14 **

Many activists are already hard at work and have just released a preliminary list of confirmed events/marches taking place on November 5th 2019, and are inviting anyone who reads to come and join them. Please note that these lists will continue to be updated and will grow over the following days and weeks, as more events are confirmed from all around the world. If you are interested in learning more about the group, march or movement itself, we have also put together a list of websites and chatroom’s for your resources – all are welcome to join/explore. You can learn more about MMM 2019, the people hosting them and the people organizing them via the links provided below – enjoy!

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