Coding Resources

In all of my years managing online chatrooms and forums one of the questions I seem to get asked the most is if I know of any good places to learn coding? Well, I’m glad you asked! Because as it turn out, I do. Below you can find various resources, tutorials and guides I’ve collected over the years to help internet users better understand coding. Please note that all of the downloads featured below are certified safe to the public, but may not be available online forever – so best get them while you still can .

Websites/Online Resources:

W3 Schools:
Code Academy:

File Downloads/Tutorials:

C++ Fundamentals:
C++ Advanced Topics:
C Fundamentals:
C In Action:
Java Fundamentals:
Java from Scratch:
Introductions to HTML:
Introduction To JQuery:
Introduction To CSS:
Introduction To Arduino:
Getting Started with AngularJS:
Building Angular & Node JS Apps:
ExtJS Desktop Fundamentals:
Python Fundamentals:
Python, Beyong The Basics:
Getting Started with BackBone JS:
Introduction To Powershell:
Raspberry Pi Home Server:
Raspberry Pi for Developers:
Network PenTesting using Python and Kali Linux:
Shell Scripting with Bash: