All About Hacking Based Operating Systems

I almost hate to admit it because it takes some of the “Prestige” away from “Being a Hacker,” but the fact of the matter is that most of the worlds most famous hackers and/or hacktivists aren’t really hackers at all – they merely just run Operating Systems designed around “Ethical Hacking” and “Penetration Testing,” the field of legalized hacking. In fact, I’m willing to bet that 95% of “Hackers,” or at least 95% of anyone whom calls themselves a hacker, aren’t necessarily hackers at all – they merely just run any one of the operating systems disclosed below. The people whom design these systems and/or build, program or code the tools inside of them are the real hackers – though they make up an extreme minority of the overall hacking population.

You might also be surprised to learn that nearly all of the worlds top hacking programs and operating systems aren’t necessarily some sort of big secret either, but rather, they are all free and open source – open to the public and 100% legal for anyone to own or download. On top of this, one of the most famous websites used by hackers to post and retrieve source codes for various exploits and tools – – is actually one of the worlds top 100 most trafficked websites.

However, it must be noted that while owning these programs, tools and systems is legal, using them without the proper licenses, certifications, consent or permissions can be illegal. For example, in order to perform their work, Penetration Testers usually have to pass some sort of written exam for certification/licensing, register with the Government as a public hacker, then sign a contract with a given company to attack their systems – usually designated on a certain time or day(s) and launched from behind a pre-defined or pre-designated number of IP Addresses. However, just as with anything else in life, there are ways around everything.

How To Hack Legally?

There are many ways you can learn computer hacking or the hacking arts, legally, from your home. For example, you can learn how to set up security on one computer, by hacking it from a different computer. Or, you can join an online chatroom and agree to hack some of your friends or friends systems. It is important to understand that the US Computer Fraud and Abuse Act directly states that “any unauthorized access to another persons devices, systems  or networks” is illegal, meaning that it is not illegal if you have authorization. Just find the right group of people and/or friends, and you can learn as much as you want – really.

Also, you can learn more about hacking and how to hack by simply entering different searches on Google or YouTube than any article you could possibly ever read – just saying.

Top Open Source Hacking Systems:

Kali Linux

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For anyone whom has ever watched the hit series “Mr. Robot,” you would know that this is Elliot’s Operating System of choice. Outside of television, Kali Linux is hands down the most popular hacking OS on the market. In fact, I’m willing to bet that anyone/everyone whom has ever thought about becoming a hacker or went on to become one has at one point or another used/run Kali Linux in their lifetime. It’s not for no reason that I top today’s list of hacking OS’s with Kali, it’s pretty much king.



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In terms of Ethical Hacking distro’s, ParrotSec OS is one of the newest systems on the market – but has quickly developed a massive following. For whatever reason, ParrotSec tends to be particularly popular amoungst some of the worlds newest or youngest hackers/hacking groups. What has always been the systems biggest claim to fame, and what I think has made it so popular over recent years, is it’s graphic package – which has essentially turned a world class hacking OS into something that’s visually stunning, which people therefore do not mind running on their computers on a regular basis.



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BlackArch Linux just so happens to be my personal Operating System of choice, or at least used to be. This is because the OS itself is extremely simple and straight forward, with literally thousands of exploits, tools programs built in. In terms of sheer quantity, the system is virtually unmatched. However, BlackArch has always had somewhat of a smaller following due to its generic user interface. While some people prefer things simple and straight to the point, seeing this as a positive, others look at it as boring – and therefore see it as a negative. Honestly, it’s all relative to your personal preferences.



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Truth be told I never heard of Backbox until very recently, but it just so happens to the OS of choice for Al1ne3737 – an international hacker, formerly of Pryzraky, whom has made a number of appearances on Rogue Media Labs. In an interview earlier this week, Al1ne3737 said that BackBox is her Operating System of choice because it only hosts a few hacking tools/exploits – only tools/exploits relevant to modern hackers. In addition to this, the OS comes in an extremely light weight package, therefore making it easier and faster to use – especially when duel booting.



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TAILS OS is typically known as an “incognito live system,” and this is because it’s almost exclusively designed around cyber security and privacy – which is why I include it here today. While you can not hack anything outright with this system, you can duel boot on it – creating a world class security system you can then utilize for hacking. While it may be a bit extreme, there is perhaps no better way to hide your tracks whilst hacking – which is growing ever more important to hackers worldwide.


Windows cmd

Yes, you read that right. Most people think that Windows cmd has no seat at the drivers table when it comes to hacking – but they are sorrily mistaken. In fact, you might not know it, but a mastery of Windows cmd is demanded of all of the US Governments top hackers – including the FBI. Combining Windows cmd with a duel boot of any hacking OS of your choosing for example, quite literally provides hackers with the best of both worlds – from both Linux and Windows.

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