#OpChile – Anonymous Chile Hacks Carabineros Troops, Chilean Police Forces, Leaks Data Online

A group of hackers affiliated with the AnonOps IRC going by the name of “Anonymous Chile” has claimed responsibility for a large string of hacks targeting Chile’s national uniformed police forces – otherwise known as the “Carabineros.” Exposed in the leaks provided below is information such as officers names, user names and passwords, RUT, sex, addresses, ranks and the police stations they work at, as well as instructions for others to compromise Chilean data entry interfaces.

The hacks/leaks themselves are being carried out in conjunction with “Operation Chile” (#OpChile) and “”Operation Chile Desperato” (#OpChileDesperato), as well as with the Marcha Mas Grande De Chile” – supporting protesters actively being repressed by Chilean police forces and their Government. It should be noted that the group is not finished yet, and promises more leaks will soon be on the way – the longer these demonstrations continue in the streets. More importantly, the group has already had their social media accounts taken down and the location of some of the files removed – which is why I am hosting their files here – in case their index gets taken down too. Should any more leaks be published over the coming days, I will make sure to provide updates here for Rogue Media – stay tuned!

Leak Location: https://pacos.rebelside.pw/pacoleaks/

Leak Backups 11/02/2019:

25 de Octubre 2019:

https://pacos.rebelside.pw/pacoleaks/funcionarios.zip | Bases de datos con Nombres, RUT, Sexo, Zona, Prefectura, Comisaría de TODOS los Pacos de Chile (1.7MB)

https://pacos.rebelside.pw/pacoleaks/instructivos.zip | Instructivos de uso de plataforma de Documentación electrónica (DOE) (6.7MB)

26 de Octubre 2019:

https://pacos.rebelside.pw/pacoleaks/informativo.html | INFORMATIVO #1 ACERCA DEL HACKEO A CARABINEROS DE CHILE

https://pacos.rebelside.pw/pacoleaks/codigofuente.tar.gz | Código fuente plataforma de Documentación Electrónica (DOE) de Carabineros (12MB)

https://pacos.rebelside.pw/pacoleaks/dump_intranet.txt | Dump de cuentas de acceso al intranet DOE (1.02MB)

https://pacos.rebelside.pw/pacoleaks/grabaciones-walkie-talkie.zip | Algunas grabaciones de comunicaciones radiales de Carabineros (se viene más) (0.53M)

27 de Octubre 2019:

https://pacos.rebelside.pw/pacoleaks/informativo-2.html | INFORMATIVO #2 ¿EL FINAL? NO LO CREEMOS

https://pacos.rebelside.pw/pacoleaks/msg.zip | Algunos mensajes desencriptados intercambiados en la plataforma DOE (140KB)

https://pacos.rebelside.pw/pacoleaks/adjuntos-10-2019-10k.tar.gz | 10K de archivos adjuntados a los mensajes (3.11GB) Checksum de archivos

https://pacos.rebelside.pw/pacoleaks/check.txt | Checksum MD5 y SHA1 de archivos (ultima actualizacion: 29/10)

01 de Noviembre 2019:

https://pacoleaks.rebelside.pw/pacoleaks/informativo-3.html |

INFORMATIVO #3 MADE IN CHILE: https://pacos.rebelside.pw/pacoleaks/Adjunt09.zip | 20K de archivos adjuntados a mensajes (6GB)