Op-Ed: Silicone Valley’s Interrogation In Front of US Senate

The other day I had to ask in chatroom what was going on with all of the Facebook censorship talk? After-all, I hadn’t seen that much activity on the subject since #DeleteFacebook took hold years ago. I’ll be honest with my reading audience, I do not have cable these days – on purpose – so I am not necessarily in the loop about everyday happenings as perhaps I should be. I assure you however I am well versed on the subject, and have actually been a very real victim of Facebook and Google‘s censorship activities in the past – dating back to 2016 actually. Moreover, I can think of dozens of instances when friends, acquaintances or comrades of mine have either had their accounts suspended, restricted, locked or deleted.

But this particular article is not about that. In a broad sense it is about “informational warfare.” In a more profound sense it is about “loyalty” and to a lesser sense it is about “egotism.

We all know what this is about: right now at this very moment Twitter is literally blocking Tweets by Donald Trump, first flagging them for dangerously misleading content before you can access. But, in case you’ve forgotten, Donald Trump is still the sitting President of The United States. How is it possible that an American company can censor the direct words of a sitting President? Who does Twitter think they are here? For that matter, how is it possible for a debate moderator to tell the President or would be President to shut their mouths and stop talking? Who is a journalist to throw a hissy fit at the President while asking deliberately inciteful questions on some of the worlds most delicate situations? Who is a newscasters to the words or office of the President of the United States? How is it possible one American news organization (CNN) can get away with a bloodless coup of the Republican Party – attempted or otherwise – while another American news organization (Fox 21st Century) employs very real state actors to advocate solely on the Presidents behalf? It is completely transparent what is happening, but still doesn’t make any sense! Yet this is were are in 2020, literally. It is madness! How can these shameless people possibly have no repercussions for their deliberate politically motivated actions/behaviors?

I’ve heard it said by another that the Office of the President lost its “prestigue” or at least “morality” after Bill Clinton’s sex scandals. I mean, Epstein was pretty close by too. Regardless, it is that same lack of respect or lack of morality which ultimately first created the conditions for someone with the demeanor of Donald Trump to one day become President. I mean, everyone in this paragraph were all personal friends together in the 90’s. Remember?

On a broader note, I specifically brought up the language of informational warfare for a reason. Not just because Russia literally has its own informational warfare military wing, but because the US media has really become a conduit through which political parties speak. This also addresses the “loyalty” language earlier. For example, specific networks/publications/reporters tend to be grossly or least shamelessly attached to one political party/branding or the other. Trust me, no one hates to say it more than me, but Alex Jones is kind of right when he says the American people are victims of “Info Wars” for their mind; entertainment; attention; time; opinions; votes. In many ways this would place modern US political news outlets in line with almost militaristic intentions to overthrow the Government of the others political party. People ignorantly call ANTIFA the “militant left” all the time, so I am just returning the favor.

Truth be told I am not just writing this article because of Facebook and Twitter‘s testimony in front of the Senate earlier this week, rather because I just received this email from YouTube for the first time in history earlier today….

As I am sure you can guess, YouTube‘s decision to publish these new changes specifically to their “Terms and Conditions” today was not unrelated to the Senates hearings against social media icons just a few days ago. For example, I want to provide you with a brief video of Ted Cruz’s interrogation of Twitter. As you might pay attention to in this video and throughout the course of the day, was Twitter‘s continuous deflection of questions towards the companies Terms of Service – it was a built in excuse for a non-answer. It also defended their actions of censorship and account closures as simply just complying innocently with their policies of conduct. Make no mistake, these Terms of Policies and the language of them are going to be coming under siege within the next two years – people are pissed!

For those of you whom might not be aware, Cruz would have been the Republican nominee for President in 2016 had Trump never existed/ran. Cruz is also a decorated lawyer, personally arguing cases in front of the US Supreme Court for his everyday career. You don’t want his attention. This is why his specific interrogation and overall lead on this issue is more important than his peers. For the record, because I know you are all thinking it, that was NOT an endorsement for Ted Cruz. I am just giving the man credit for his talent/relevance to this topic.

Regardless, why am I choosing to write about this as my first article back in over 1 year? Why do I care? It is actually because of a conversation I was having in a chat channel belonging to Unity4J; Jullian Assange’s main online support team. This is where the Senate hearings were first brought to my attention.

I was asked…..

So it is true, Google and Facebook‘s black-listing’s of my work contributed to my financial collapse – ultimately forcing me to switch careers. This issue effects me personally more than others, so I have more to say about it than others. The egotism of so many people in society is so large that we all look at ourselves as equals with everyone else, with an equal voice through a platform or account on Twitter or Facebook. A journalist has the same platform as the President of the United States, theoretically. I guess on the surface that feels empowering, but that doesn’t mean the attitude is good for society. Primus Inter Pares, right?

Look at what people are doing to others in society, what they think of strangers they’ve never met or know nothing about, society certainly does not treat each other as equals person to person – because people disagree so strongly with one another about political issues.

I am sorry but a journalist, television news pundit/actor, celebrity, athlete or even Twitter CEO is not on the same level or has the credibility/stature of someone like the President of The United States. At least in a “sane” United States of America, that is. But that is the problem, isn’t it?

People appear to have lost all respect for the office of the President, and it happened well before Trump got into office. As a result, the trickle down of that lack of respect is what we witness everyday on so many levels of society as we continue to censor or wage informational warfare upon one another to capture each others minds/spirits.

Here is one for the road…