Op-Ed: A White Guys Look at The Legacy of WWII Era Fascism On Modern American Society

So I am actually writing this article because a comrade of mine posted some interesting content of Spanish soldiers getting drunk and doing Nazi solutes. If you have never seen a bunch of drunk military guys behind closed doors with no females around, no one recording, you should know that pretty much anything goes. So I don’t necessarily see this video as malicious in any way, necessarily, rather I see it as a much broader symbol of some of the things we are seeing across society today – even subconsciously almost. I am also writing this because it is a topic that is not easy to talk about, which makes writing about it fun – at least for me, I am Schizophrenic after-all.

Since I am the author here, the content above is perhaps more relevant to me than you. I personally know an Anarchist whom is at the mercy of the Spanish Government, who’s been arrested multiple times for even the most petty of things – for political gestures even (#FreeXelj). Outside of that, Spanish police forces are widely cited by activists from all around the world to be THE literal most fascist unit in the world right now – at least the most violent/brutal. Of course, the actual Nazi Party also hit pretty close to home for quite a long time right next to Spain during World War II. So there is no doubt some Nazi residue left over on Spanish culture as a result.

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Driving the point home now, Spain as a country throughout history could also be considered the most brutal conquerors/colonizers of all time. By the end of their collapse, they were both hated and hunted throughout the Caribbean and Lower Americas. I mean, even modern day sporting events in Spain like the one featured below are just sick demonstrations of brutality, the culture is just sick – but they celebrate it. They are still all about “that life.

But enough about Spanish culture, it is just disgusting. Setting this article up forward, another Anti-Fascist friend of mine was arrested in the Netherlands not to long ago, and had their web servers seized in Bavaria. Being the amateur lawyer I am I decided to take up his defense briefly and sent multiple inquires and demands to various Departments inside Germany’s Government. I even used former intelligence channels to pass information along with sources I trust.

You are invited to read the full story below, but what I got back from German Intelligence was a single piece of information relating to the pardoning of former Nazi officers for use in the German Justice System in the years following the conclusion of WWII – a practice which actually continued on as late as the 1970’s. More specifically, I was sent the findings an inter-Governmental investigation into the use of Nazi officers in the post War German Government – known as “The Rosenburg Files,” not widely circulated.

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The Rosenburg Files: https://creatorstribune.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/c4785-akte_rosenburg_en_geschichtsband_1.pdf

Moving forward yet again, the whole Twitter posting this morning got me thinking about the widespread proliferation of Nazi German political philosophy throughout the whole world ever since the conclusion of the War. Even though the Nazi’s were defeated this does not mean they were not popular/large for their time, or that no one learned anything from their “tactics.

This statement might offend you, but Nazi-ism isn’t a completely useless philosophy/ideology either. In fact, as I will describe below, some aspects of it can still be observed around society, law enforcement and Government policies to this day. Through it Germany was rebuilt, conquered multiple countries and almost did what no other country in history has ever come close to doing; capturing Britain. In a way, you can actually make the argument that Nazi philosophy was quite successful towards what it set out to accomplish. Which is why even non-Nazi’s have benefited from learning or studying its mechanisms, even going as far as to adopt it in some cases.

With that established, for the remainder of the article I would like to talk about the impact of Nazi philosophy and fascist ideology on modern day America, because I find it quite relevant – even if no one wants to talk about. I am sure there is a sizeable portion of the population would label what’s to follow as “Conspiracy Theory,” but I can’t control that – so F*ck em!  After-all, according to The Washington Post I am a “Russian Propagandist,” so what does it matter what the “Truth” actually is? How do you think these people pull it off and get away with it to begin with? I am just following the example set.

Maybe I am just traumatized from my work in Anonymous Operations, or maybe I am just crazy from the Schizophrenia, or maybe I am just more observant than most, but I see the effects of WWII era Fascism and Nazi-ism everywhere throughout American society these days – and on both sides of the political isle.

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Let’s start with the obvious here, Donald Trump. It is a fact that Donald Trumps father was arrested at a KKK rally in New York City. It is a fact that Donald Trump is a US Nationalist and Exceptionalist; whom openly discriminates against foreigners, or at least views them as inferior to “the American race” – if there even is such a thing. And on top of this, he also takes every possible measure to avoid condemning white supremacists whom support him, going as far as to say that white supremacists are just proud boys; proud to be white. I mean, it is only fair in a way – right? After-all, it is perfectly alright and even “Politically Correct” now to be proud of being black – isn’t it? (#BlackOwned, #BlackLives Matter) Is there really that much of a difference, which is more racist? Proud Blacks or Proud Whites? I don’t know, you tell me. No matter how you see it, I personally believe there is much more evidence pointing Trump towards Neo-Nazism than there is not – especially given a look at even broader evidence.

In terms of society at large, I have personally known multiple white supremacists and Neo-Nazi’s. I would go as far as to say a Neo-Nazi was my best friend from 2016 to 2018, even going as far as to drive me to a Nazi swastika in the woods before Christmas some of his friends had built. At the same time peers in my hometown of Henniker, NH all say “if it isn’t white is isn’t right” when it comes to women and a local politician, Peter Flynn, told me I was making the town look like Ferguson, Missouri after I rented a house out to black students 3 houses away from his. He didn’t like them walking by his house and even told me to warn them not to touch his pumpkins, even though they never did anything – he was just paranoid/racist.

Now, I am not a Nazi, I participated in Anonymous #OpDomesticTerrorism and #OpKKK,  debated my friend nightly about his ideologies/opinions and I am kind of in to black and foreign girls personally. So I never really fit in when it came to Henniker, which is a large part of the reason why I moved elsewhere. But as a white man myself I still got along with racists and neo-Nazi’s and could even go as far as to call some of them my friends, because white supremacists still like other white people no matter what – so what do I care, in theory? This is also probably why you don’t see more normal white people speaking out about racial prejudices in public perhaps as much as they should?

But by inflitrating Nazi’s and knowing Nazi’s, I know where they go to find Nazi’s like them and I hate to break it to you, some of the highest profile Nazi’s indicated include Mike Pence and Dan Coats – both serving Trumps cabinet. Others revealed themselves publicly, such as prime-time Fox New host Laura Ingraham. I really don’t hate breaking it to society, but Nazi’s are very real and active here in the United States. For those of you who say that is a conspiracy theory, what did Captain Barbosa say? “You best start believing in Ghost Stories, you are in one.

Laura Ingraham gets called out for appearing to make a Nazi salute at Republican National Convention - New York Daily News

The thing is that Nazi’s used to be proudly in control of Nations, almost continents. They celebrated their party publicly and held rallies in front of as many people as they possibly could, and had majority support from citizens across their countries. Fascists in WWII literally used to call themselves “The Fascist Party” and Fascist policy controlled multiple world leaders no less than just 80 years ago. Though Nazi’s and Fascists still exist and they are still as “proud” as ever, they have become increasingly harder to spot in public.

These modern day Nazi’s know they have to hide their true faces in shame publicly, no matter how high of an office they hold. This is because they know full well if they ever publicly/openly labeled themselves as Nazi or Neo-Nazi or walked around with a Swastika there wouldn’t be a single employer or corporation that would touch them, and they would be condemned by society at large. It is quite fascinating actually, fascist morality, they know full well how socially destructive their ideology is, but they still practice it silently rather than change themselves. It’s just dumbfounding how two faced you have to be to live life like that.

But this article is not just about reminding people about Nazi-ism across the Republican Party, this article is about American society as a whole – which also includes liberals, unfortunately 😉. I also want to take this time to remind everyone that anyone can theoretically learn from Nazi philosophy, no matter their political affiliation.

Remember the 1990’s Crime Bill that Trump brought up in the debates with Joe Biden? Democrats are the Party which have historically increase police presence and incarceration rates, prison rates, all while the US already produces the largest population of incarcerated citizens of any country in the world. Even today Governor Cuomo of New York openly states that shutdowns and city restrictions are meant to “discipline” society – because this cities people cant keep COVID-19 infections rates down better, we just scurry about town like helpless mindless buffoons in his opinion. Other Democrat politicians say that society at large needs to be more “obedient” to the Government if the Government is ever going to squash the COVID-19 epidemic and implement its public policies. All modern liberal politicians want is more power/influence, more obedience – and that is a fascist mentality.

I mean, even the Supreme Court of the United States had to step in to remind New York Governor Cuomo that it is against the Constitution to ban or restrict religious worship inside the United States – and that’s literally the 1st Amendment of the Constitution! I’m not exactly sure how every single person on the Cuomo team missed that one, but they still put this policy into law nonetheless. That is just a flagrant Government over reach that can only be described as blatantly dismissing the Constitution of this country entirely. In that sense, Governor Cuomo is a much bigger anarchist than me or Xelj could ever be!

Adding to it, Democrats have lead the single greatest crackdown on free press and journalism in modern times following the election of Donald Trump in 2016. This included the blacklisting of hundreds of websites and social feeds from Google search and Facebook marketing algorithms, as well as the labeling of legitimate foreign news organizations as state actors – such as was the case with Russia Today (RT). We have never seen this level of censorship in history, and my life was personally touched and in many ways ruined by it. Again, censorship and propaganda are both fascist political weapons.

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Then there is the matter of the Democrat Party trying to hijack “morality” at the same time. For example, Democrats are big on “Identity Politics” and “uniformity,” ironically, despite pretending to be the party of diversity, uniqueness and individualism. What I mean by that is that from the top down, Democrats all have the same exact talking points. Hillary Clinton said “it takes a village” and this is what they have tried to create. Joe Biden said after the election “I am the Democratic Party,” everyone has fallen in line and everyone in the Democratic Party are all on board spreading the same message about everything all the time – there is no dissent.

Moreover, perhaps even more importantly than that, or at least more troubling depending on how you are looking at it, is how Democrats use intolerance as a means of controlling public dialogue. I am going to say some deliberately hurtful things now, just to make a point about this.

Democrats think saying anything short of “Gay people are my hero’s” in public is offensive. Democrats think it is “disgraceful” to not defend the dismemberment of unborn fetuses – otherwise known as abortion. If you don’t believe this, or what liberals think about any certain things, they don’t want you to be able to speak or have a voice at all. Their instinct is to silence you, eliminate dissent. Liberals even talk about minorities as if every member of a minority can be stereotyped as the same identical person, with the same identical morals, principals and political beliefs. Tell me though, how is stereotyping all “Blacks” and “Browns” in one not offensive? But liberals get away with it somehow. I guess “all black people really must look alike” – right liberalism?

I point this out to show you not only the fallacies of modern liberalist ideology, but rather to draw attention how liberalism tries to extinguish opposition while controlling public dialogue at the same time – whilst also using Government influence/power to censor what opponents have to say. Time and time again modern liberals reaction to opinions they do not agree with by saying the person whom does not agree with them should have no right to say and shouldn’t be allowed to speak equally with them. This is an intolerant and fascist tendency/branding that modern liberals have all acquired but still get away with.

I feel like I ended this article weak compared to where I started, but it’s also been 4 hours and I am getting tired of typing and editing. I think I alienated just about the entire human race in this one, but don’t be mad though. Stay classy, mi amigos.