What Would’ve Happened To Society, or Your Life, If The Internet Was Never Invented?

I was starting to wonder today? Not only about myself, but every single person “here.” What would you all be doing right now, right this very instant, if the internet had never been invented, or never happened in the first place? I think to myself, would some people be out in the woods playing or adventuring? Being on the internet is non-stop reading, so would most people go back to reading books with their spare time? Since the internet is perhaps the greatest conduit for creativity ever invented, would all these web developers and creators be out inventing new devices or things? Would others be exploring new scientific theories through physical experiment?

I just wonder how fundamentally different the world would look today, 2020, if every single person in the entire world freed up 100% of the time they use online, or have ever spent online in the past, or ever will spend online again in the future?  You know, like all of humanity did for all of history before the 1990’s? Remember The Today Show? We still have it every morning to this day…

While we are on the subject, would the world be a fundamentally better place if the internet never occurred, or stopped occurring? Or conversely, has the internet expedited the advancement of future human civilizations? If you are reading this article from my website here today, then you can probably already assume that a strong personal statement in one direction or the other is surely to follow – you’re welcome.

Believe it or not, despite being involved with Anonymous for the better part of the last 6 years now, and despite all of the time and effort I have ever put into it or things like video games, it is my firm stance that nothing has contributed to the moral and civil decay of the United States of America, or culture the world over for that matter, more than “the internet” and “social media.” I asked myself one day, would the world be a better place without Twitter? Sure it is technically”entertainment” to us, but look at how people use it – it is just a giant facepalm.

Honestly that is really it as far as this article goes. I just wanted anyone reading it to stop and think for a moment how their lives would be different if the internet was never invented. And what would they actually be doing right now at this every instant, reading this sentence, if they never got on the internet in the first place? For anyone interested in reading more, below I will upload two pages from of a chapter of my 2018 book named The Greatest Resource Ever Misused.

Download Chapter: https://creatorstribune.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Tech.pdf


** If you can click through the pages hover your mouse over the pdf above and notice the up and down arrows on the bottom right **