The US & Russia are Already at Unconventional War, But It’s Still Actual Warfare….

That cover photo is not an advertisement for Call of Duties latest installment, I just find symbolism funny – as well as I do deliberate propaganda. Regardless, sitting here tonight I just learned that Julian Assange’s extradition ruling is coming down on January 4th and I have an article to write, whose headline references the leak which Chelsea Manning got arrested for. Probably not a coincidence, you think? But this article isn’t about them at all, it is about the next Presidential Administration – Joe Biden. Or is it Donald Trump? Who knows! Isn’t that exciting!?

Anyways, it appears as though it will be Joe Biden – a declaration of martial law not withstanding. I mean it is not like the US military is launching any new widespread, nationwide military “manuevers” or anything.

That one was for any “Conspiracy Theorists” out there reading this, I am just f*cking with you! Or am I? What I really want to talk about tonight is Russia – actually. I know you don’t get to hear much from him here in the United States, but Vladimir Putin held a public press conference this past Tuesday which really stood out to me among hundreds I have watched over the years – which is why I am writing an article about it here today. Before getting to the “context,” I will let you watch it first for yourself.

So I am not going to repeat the man. The only real question I have is why? Why is he holding this meeting publicly and recording it, shipping it across the world? That is not a good situation for Putin as President nor a good “Omen” for the Russian people as a whole, especially given what’s to come next month. In case you may have forgotten, Russian businessmen, businesses and banks are currently under “Economic Sanctions” by the Government of the United States – and have been for quite a long time.This is all made possible, of course, because the US Dollar is the worlds reserve currency; the baseline currency through which all other international currencies are measured against.

Donald Trump ‘got in trouble‘ with Democrats and therefore the “Main Stream Media” for not imposing new, or increased sanctions against Russia following his election as President in 2016. He was under heavy pressure to ‘pay Russia back‘ so to speak for ‘meddling in our countries elections.’ Trump being Trump, of course, didn’t care for it. After-all, Putin appeared more loyal to him in that moment then most Democrats serving in the US Government – so he ‘let it slide,’ so to speak.

But Joseph Biden is not Donald Trump, now is he? In fact, Joseph Biden said today that there is a price to pay, or the perpetrator will pay a heavy price, or they are going to bear a great cost for the Cyber Onslaught made public over recent days. As is always the case here in the USA, Russia is already the “Scapegoat” and the Dems appear on board with this”narrative” – so it is going to stick. Playing this logic outwards, what Joe Biden is actually saying here is that Russia is going to pay a price for this – and you can guarantee the “Price/Cost” dialogue has a deliberate double meaning in this instance because Joe Biden is going to impose even more heavy economic sanctions against the Russian people and the Russian Government. In fact, hes wanted to do it for 5 years now, but never had the position in Government to do it.

While some die hard patriotic Americans might be saying “f*ck yeah!” in response to this latest development, or think Russia is getting what it deserves, you should really take a step back and try to look at the implications of all this. Did you hear Putin talk about the Soviet Union earlier, in which his country was destroyed economically by the US? Do you remember the literal “Cold War” the US fought with Russia for decades? Both Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin lived through it, served in the Governments that participated in it and both remember it very well.

Rounding things out here, economic sanctions and economic attacks against countries are forms of “Warfare.” Thanks to Chelsea Manning, we now know the US Army literally has a textbook on Unconventional Warfare tactics and strategy to pull it off. In this textbook, they discuss economic warfare – there is a whole chapter on it. See, you can read for yourself. Thanks @The Internet!

Download Field Manual:


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If that does not disturb you the most, then think for a minute that Russia has it’s own Informational Warfare military branch, and the USA recently declared cyber space as the 5th realm of traditional warfare. That happened around 2017. So, not only have the US and Russia already been engaging in active Warfare against one another in cyberspace, but the US has also been at economic War with them financially. How many different variations of War do two countries have to be in engaged in before anyone in the press just calls it what it is; outright War, real War. The US and Russia are currently at War. Just read that sentence. Moreover, we have been for roughly 6 years now and $hit is about to hit the fan even harder as soon as Biden takes office.I just hope he doesn’t try to do something extra stupid like going back into Syria or something like that.

Do you support War or want second Cold War with Russia? Then you shouldn’t have voted Biden. Anyways, I leave you with an old article from my first news startup I launched 3 years ago. Always nice to include a throwback!