Here’s The Best Piano Performance I’ve Seen With My Own Eyes; Alexandra Kuznetsova of Russia

In this article I want to highlight one of the best artistic performances I have seen in “my day” – in any “genre” of music. It happens to be a piano performance I found seemingly at random from a Russian woman by the name of Alexandra Kuznetsova, otherwise going by the name Gamazda. I reached out to her for interview after I saw the video below because my websites motto is to “Feature Unique Talents Online,” so I am looking to showcase just that.

Would you believe the first thing I said to her was “Are You Autistic?” It wasn’t an insult of course, it was attributed to the performance in the video I saw of her below, I think an “All Time” great piano performance piece. Literally. It was so good, in fact, I can only imagine an autistic talent being able to pull it off, which is a compliment. She did not comment on the matter – lol.

I joked online that they probably would have hung her for being a witch in Bethovans time, and that’s funny because it is probably true. I mean, Bethovan wasn’t pumping out sheet music like this before – she probably broke the machine! I bet it looks like an atrocity to a classical performer seeing it for the first time. So I asked her the follow up question; “traditional piano must be so boring to you?” For example, I have always regarded this is as one of my favorite piano pieces of any era, and just think how slow the key strokes are to Gamazda comparatively.

Then there is the Bethovan’s Fur Ellis, perhaps the most beautiful performance piece in history…..

If you are reading this article then you too want to get to know a special talent too, regardless of the field they work. I mean, how many die hard piano fans are there left in the world, really? Especially among millennials at that.

Despite that, however, this young woman is already standing out in our lifetime – and she is just getting started down her creative career. She has less than two years online as an international professional, and has already gained nearly half a million subscribers globally. Despite the scarcity of her field of expertise in the world right now, I think she is a talent people should appreciate, regardless of the type of music you typically enjoy. You can learn more about her via the resources provided below. I wish I could tell you more personally, but my interviewing skills need more practice.

Alexandra Kuznetsova

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Lastly, no article would be complete here if I couldn’t resist the Russian angle – you’re welcome 😉..