The Autonomous Weapons & Artificial Intelligence Moral Debate Is No Longer Relevant In Modern Warfare

To be honest I can not remember why I wanted to write this today. Its relevancy is off by weeks actually, but it will include information that I guarantee you’ve never read before. To tell you the truth I do not remember why I was so fascinated with the debate at the time, but a few years ago under a different news banner I addressed the topic of “Autonomous Weapons” for use in modern warfare – infantry style, if you even know what that means.

Elon Musk, for example, has said that “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) “could go very wrong” for humanity if we do not develop it correctly, and has similarly stated that controlling AI will become one the millennial generations single most defining tasks. While we are briefly on that subject, I think you should read the following article first – I wrote a few years ago actually.

Philosophical Debate: Is Humanity Discovering Artificial Intelligence or Inventing It?:

In theory, the debut of Autonomous Weapons, militaristically speaking, could be the 21st centuries equivalent of the debut of the 20th century tank in modern warfare. There will be no dead soldiers if there are no soldiers present on the frontlines. I mean, you cant save military lives any better than that. So it goes over “morally” well in military circles. However, War of any kind is still a “moral wrong,” no matter what brand of “Nationalism” you subscribe too. So when we are talking about military actions involving Artificial Intelligence, the subject becomes controversial – hence the whole debate.

Not only do Autonomous Weapons save lives in Warfare by offering the remoteness of a drone, but we will also no longer need CIA/MI6 agents to make “Mission Impossible,” ‘Tom Cruise‘ like escapes whilst carrying out “Clandestine” murders in enemy locations – R.I.P.

Anyways, this topic is relevant because, really, the worlds first “internationally documented” Artificial Intelligence assassination was actively carried out in the streets of Tehran, Iran no longer than a few weeks ago. I am not going to write an article on the news, you can use this Google Search result to learn for yourself:

In summary, all you really need to know is that “Israel” assassinated the alleged head of Iran’s Nuclear Programme. Basically, a man too smart to exist in the modern world – of which there are and have been far to many than you will ever care to realize, even here in the United States. But I put Israel in “parentheses” for a reason, because it was more likely the result of a diverse international collaboration involving multiple intelligence or defense agencies across at least the USA and UK, so it is not fair to put it on one country. But the statements are true and the 100% remote murder was carried out.

This instance is a little different then that of the whole drone morality debate, because drones are still controlled by humans; not machines. Remember, a computer code/algorithm itself made a decision to shoot the scientist, not a push of button from a human finger, not pull of one.

In February 2019, from what I remember, the debate as to whether or not a machine should be allowed to execute a human in any global combat situation was on par with the nuclear debate. In fact, there was a very large international movement at that time trying to pass new treaties banning the use of Autonomous Weapons altogether completely. I guess it must’ve failed, because that was the last time I covered the topic – until today.

2/17/2019 – Pentagon Releases 2019 Artificial Intelligence Directive, Outlining Extensive Investment in AI Technologies for Use In Autonomous Weapons:

Since then I do know that Google and the US Defense Department’s “Hybrid” business adventure known as “Project Maven” has since been deemed classified to public view, and questions into it are banned or met with silence.

Learn More – Understanding The Weaponization of Modern CyberSpace & Corporate Warfare:

I’m not really going to present an opinion on this matter, because it doesn’t really matter. Autonomous weapons usage is already here and already being documented, so the ethical or moral debate is no longer relevant – the technology is moving forward. Here is what I learned before everything became “Classified,” and/or removed from the public eye. You can browse through the pdf inserts by hovering over them and using the arrows on the bottom left of each. Or you can view/download via the hyperlinks.

Sometimes I look back at the information I used to hoard and worry myself…..

EU Artificial Intelligence Ethics Guidelines:
Establishment of an Algorithmic Warfare Cross-Functional Team (Project Maven):
Artificial Intelligence & National Security:
DoD Artificial Intelligence War Strategy:
DoD Directive – Autonomy In Weapon Systems:
Tallinn-Manual II – International Law Applicable To Cyber Operations:
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