Now It Is My Turn To Talk $hit About Manhattan

So it appears to be the most popular thing to do in the city right now, but I will try to keep this article as “Apolitical” as possible. I remember growing up as a child “politics” or talking about politics in public was just something you didn’t do, socially speaking – because people take it too personally; offensively. Politics is toxic, politics starts literal Wars, and this is hardly new to our times. Many families have always banned it from the diner table even. I am 34.

But that was ‘back in the day‘ when we didn’t have social media, in the 1990’s and 2000’s – you know, way back. Somehow here we are headed into 2021 and I am living in a city whose Government has literally banned social life – because the Governor of New York State and Mayor of New York City appear to have a God complex about saving peoples lives from mother nature using their political positions.

George W. Bush once said, about Donald Trump, that “power is addictive” – in the context that there are an awful lot of “politicians” whom adore influence over the masses, more than they should. Not only can this failing be admired in great conquerors throughout history, but we also see it on a much smaller scale here in modern day New York City.

I mean, honestly, just take a moment to think about it for a second. The New York State Government has unilaterally kicked children out of school. It has demanded that private businesses close unwillingly, banned public gatherings, mandated certain articles of clothing and even attempted to ban religious worship. Those are all real things happening right now in New York State. You know how many Constitutional violations that is, in one 8 month time period nonetheless? That’s downright “Domestic Tyranny,” and we are worried about Trumps use of power?

But it just doesn’t matter to these two guys, Cuomo and DeBalssio, they just go ahead and do it anyways no matter how many “laws” they are personally violating themselves. I mean they are doing it right now and what repercussions actually await them? A slap on the wrist from the Supreme Court of The United States telling them “don’t do that again?” They are elected officials, the only way they can be held to account is by the people at the next election. They cant be removed from power more expeditedly than that, no matter how flagrant their abuses of the Constitution are. It’s is scary what is happening in New York, not just on the streets of Manhattan – more on that below.

But political punch drunkness isn’t the only thing going on here. The streets look like shit and I would estimate that at least 90% of Manhattan’s current work force does not even live in Manhattan – they all travel from a 360 degree circle around it in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and New Jersey. I moved back to New York City full time less than two months ago, and I swear I have only met a handful of people from Manhattan out of the hundreds Ive talked to. It is quite fascinating, actually.

So where the hell are the people who live here? Well, I think my answer is they aren’t really here. Over 1 million people have left New York City from March-October 2020. Certainly much higher than that now, especially given winter and lock downs. Rich people living here are either too afraid of society or COVID to leave home, so they don’t participate in public anymore either. Last time I was in New York City from 2018-2019 I was in the homeless system for 11 months right next to Rucker Park at 155 and Frederick Douglass, where I lived during that time period – ask about me. I got out and moved back out to the remoteness of New Hampshire for a while, then to the Berkshire Mountains, now here I am subletting a short term rental in Chelsea, Manhattan.

I had been saving for a while so I could do just this, move back to New York City and “do things the right way.” No longer homeless, no longer in the homeless system with curfews under my head, no longer broke with no options. I wanted to experience NYC as an actual “normal” person. Well, as normal as I can possibly be 🤪. Wouldn’t you know it though? I come back to NYC and this time the Government has put a 10pm curfew out. I’ve literally never been in NYC without a Government mandated curfew! In order to stay in a homeless shelter each night too you have be back and signed in before 10pm. It is almost no different now, even as a ‘free man.‘ This city’s Government is completely out of control.

So the guy in the video annoyed me too, I turned if off after about 7 minutes and never returned, but he does make some interesting points and there are tons of videos just like it sprouting up everywhere these days. Now, I’ve been in homeless shelters, currently train to box, slept on the streets of Miami and New York City, been kicked out of countries for illegal immigration and had guns pointed at my face more times then you, so I am a little more “rugged” than most. But even for me walking the streets of New York City, even in high end neighborhoods, is annoying. I could see how it might be unbearable to rich ; affluent types.

Black people hide behind obstacles or trash, then leap out at white people walking by just to catch a reaction, “to see if white people are afraid of them.” They want to prove some racist point, even though black people would jump just as many times if they actually did it to them as well. But they actually have the nerve to then tell white people who get scared at them, “well that’s how much you scare me.” People go into subways car and shout “Fuck Trump!” just to see if they can get a reaction from any white people, looking to spot racists. People are either fighting on the streets or trying to find weak people to take advantage of, rob, or intimidate. Homeless people beg everywhere at sidewalk crosswalks. Some people sit on subway station steps harassing everyone that comes by to buy them a sandwich, and if you don’t buy they spit at your feet in disgust. Homeless people are setting up camps on random sidewalks more than I have ever seen, and police are de-funded, and politicians have changed policy related to how homeless people are treated in the city – disallowing police to force-ably remove them from locations.

I lived in New York City as a homeless person, slept in Central Park for 23 consecutive days, I assure you – none of this is normal. Conditions in this city have spiraled dramatically downhill since I was last here in March 2019. I don’t even want to be here anymore and I just moved back here. This is after years of planning, just to start a new life for myself here – or find a much bigger  opportunity/job. But, I mean, I just look around and can honestly say this place really is nothing more than a $hithole right now, and so far we are only talking about “society” here – socially.

I say this because there is also an extremely big sanitation problem here in the city as well. Every street corner has a trash barrel or barrels that are not just full 24/7, but also overflow on the streets and sidewalks to be picked up by the wind. 4-5 tall walls of garbage bags line the sidewalk around every single residential building multiple days a week. People bring their dogs out to piss and shit all over what’s left of the sidewalks to walk on. Entire neighborhoods just smell terrible, some people dont even open their windows on ground floors anymore because of the smell.  None of this is to mention the mold/steam cocktail Con-Edison’s rotting infrastructure leaks into the air all around the city everyday, adding to the sensations; smell. The streets in the videos above aren’t even some of the worse I’ve seen – in Brooklyn or Manhattan.

New York City really is just a cease-pool right now. And I say that because this is what people in Massachusetts specifically warned me about before I got here. I don’t know what the hell I was thinking!

I can’t even find a job, but have been told I am over qualified by multiple people – can you figure that one out? Because I can not. You won’t hire me because you think I am too good? What the hell kind of logic is that, but it’s everywhere in this city. No wonder why everything is turning to shit all around us, what kind of attitude is that from corporations no less? We all need higher standards here.

Even at my local gym I applied to be a part time cleaner, and you know what happened? The cleaners working there made fun of me one day in the locker room – joking “so that is what a world class cleaner looks like” sarcastically. Because I am ranked top 5% in a different cleaning App/service, but yet they have the job and I got turned down. I am also a white male, of which there are 0 of them in that companies cleaning/maintenance department. There also don’t tend to be any white male cleaners in the city aside from myself🤔.

They are only so desperate because they will get fined by the Government if they do not hire enough Hispanics/Latinos. I have applied to over 80 jobs and I have only gotten one interview, it is not going well for me in this city, and I kind of hate it and myself for coming here. Even now I dedicate my outside time to just talking shit to people in public about stupid or esoteric topics – just for entertainment. I get everyone to laugh everywhere I go, but I don’t think they realize I am not just trying to be funny. At this point I’m accepting my mistake for what it was. It was a mistake to come back to NYC and I’ve lost a lot of money because of it. I’ll stick around for a bit longer, but I am not going to allow myself to lose all my money and wind up stuck here, again, like so many other lifelong New Yorkers – whom cant afford to live the same city where they don’t make enough money. It is a terrible cycle that I was apart of and have to break free of a second time around, while I still can.

As long as Democrats control this city, New York is never going to rebound – and that is not a political statement at all, believe it or not. Everything here is about race, and non-whites are clueless how good they have it in NYC  comparatively to other parts of the country. If ‘black and browns’ think they are discriminated against in the liberal capital of the United States – New York City –  then for the love of God I pray they do not move anywhere close to the mid-west. They’d be in for an instant real reality check, and don’t think they could handle it.

Ive even joked that maybe I should move to the deep south. At least as a white guy I’ll get at least a fair shot there, if not favorable preference, all the same as minorities get here in the city.