Georgia Highlights The Bombastic-ness of Our Social Media Times

You know, I am an anarchist. I pull at Government heart strings just for fun to watch people squirm. Trust me, it’s a reciprocal relationship. But there is one thing I have not been drawing attention to and I am not sure why. Believe it or not, tomorrows Georgia run off race is a perfect reflection of this. You remember in the debates how Donald Trump said “not since Abraham Lincoln” or in December when he said “this is the most important speech I’ve ever given” or people in the Senate stating “this is the most important vote I have ever cast,” in regard to fighting the Democrats victory in the 2020 Electoral College?

It is not nearly as simple as just a couple careless “Over Statements,” these words are being used intentionally/deliberately. These politicians want you to think something important is happening right now, at this very moment in time, something which is so important that it will change the fabric of space-time itself – for all history! In this way, if something radical or radically unusual happens over the next couple weeks  it is entirely justified due to this unique moment in time being such a tremendously exceptional occasion.

Believe it or not, it turns out that those with great power and or influence are pretty narcissistic about their own “Legacy;” how they will be remembered for all time; what kind of impact they’ve left behind on the world or with their peers; how the history books will read their story 200 years from now – etc. I mean, this desire/ambition is perhaps more synonymous with politicians than any other “Profession.” After-all, what politician wants to come into office and accomplish absolutely nothing? Change no law or policy, or leave no footprint behind for all their time in office? Please watch at least the first two minutes of the video below…..

Politicians only become politicians to change the law, to change policy, change society, make new programs, pass new bills – etc. When you take a step back, this fact is at the heart of why Washington and our Government is so broken/gridlocked over modern times (2008 – 2020). Theoretically, the system is only doomed to get worse, or more jammed. Here’s why..

I want you to think about every politician that just won a new election this past November, perhaps the two Georgia Senators winning today. Now think about every politician that has ever been elected in all of US history on the State and Federal level. That is a lot of politicians throughout time. Now think about it, every single person that has ever stepped into political office has tried to do new things, introduce new bills, legislation and laws. Every single politician throughout time has done this, adding to every piece of legislation introduced by their predecessors.

It is this avalanche of laws, regulations and legislation over time which has spiraled out of control, snowballing into both the  “Nanny State” and “Gridlock” we experience in Washington D.C. today. And there is no end in site. I mean, to end old laws your have to pass new laws. The cycle is literally never ending, theoretically never improving because of the way it is structured, which is why America is closer to the brink of full collapse in 2021 than it has been in any other time since 1913 – when the Federal Reserve was first established.

Irony is Andrew Jackson on a Central Bank Note" Sticker by LibertyManiacs | Redbubble

Transitioning smoothly now, I am writing this today because the sad truth of the matter is that we actually live in extremely boring times. Donald Trump isn’t going to be remembered hundreds of years from now with the likes of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln like he dreams of, and perhaps every President dreams of, instead it looks like he’ll go out with a giant “Fart” with the likes of Richard Nixon or Rutherford Hayes.

In the 21st century there are no more World Wars, we have no Great Depression, COVID-19 is nothing more than a sneeze compared to America’s Spanish Flu pandemic last century, almost every American has access to running water, electricity, refrigeration, heat or air conditioning. Convenience stores and grocery markets line our streets, we have automobiles to get around, hospitals to treat us – etc.

People in society complain about the most trivial and vain of $hit in 2021. Honestly, how many Americans could survive if they had to build their own house, hunt their own meat, farm their own vegetables and live without phones, cars, tv, internet, electricity, refridgeration, etc. It would be a complete $hit show, tens of millions to hundreds of millions would be dead within months to a year. Yet the people who built this country built it facing all those obstacles. What is our excuse? Our technologies too great for us? No, they have just made us self-entitled and ambition-less.

People complain their landlords don’t heat the building up warm enough while they are sitting on their couch eating a tub of Ben & Jerry’s. Could you imagine if they had to go outside, cut down a tree, split it with an ax, then haul it to their home to burn? They’d probably blow their poor little obese hearts out trying. Yet this is what 100% of people used to have to do throughout history. We are so disconnected from the natural world and ourselves in the 21st century as a result.

The uncomfortable truth of the matter is that the 21st century is literally the most comfortable time in human history. Never in the history of humanity has humanity cumulatively had it as easy as we do today. In 2021 we are not in the middle of some global cataclysm, we are smack in the middle of the most prosperous and peaceful time in human history.

The problem is that we are just live in the age of social media, where everything that just happened a second ago is the biggest, most important or best thing that has ever happened – ever! Everything is a knee jerk reaction, and everything becomes over stated – especially for the sake of ratings and keeping peoples attention. Think the world is crumbling today? That we are in the middle of the worst economic crisis in history? That this is the worst pandemic this country has ever faced? That race relations in the US have never been worse than they are today? These are all claims actively being pushed throughout society and on television/computer screens every night – especially by our news programing.

Social Media has perverted our times and collective mindsets. We have lost all sense of history and perspective, and our collective statements throughout society are a reflection of this. Donald Trump is not the most important President in history because he is/was the President in 2020. All the same as the 2020 Pandemic is not the worst Pandemic in history just because it is happening right now. All the same as race relations are not as worse as when US citizens literally owned slaves, or police violence isn’t as flagrant as it was during Boston Massacre. I could go on and on, but that is also the whole point. For the love of God, just listen to what comes out of your mouth before you say! Have some sense of self awareness, please.

Can you imagine if we had social media during the Great Depression or either World War? People think the world is on fire today? They would have lost their poor little minds in the past. Not everything that happens in live time is the most important thing happening, or that has ever happened. So many people are delusional right now, including the President of the United States. People just need to wake up, or at least stop trying to sensationalize everything. It’s so out of hand.