I Want To Break Twitter aka The World

What’s the lead for you to want to read? Twitter is spying on the private communications of the sitting President of the United States. If that doesn’t get you, then Twitter – an American Corporation – is literally censoring the direct words of the sitting US President. The worst/best part is that these aren’t even “Extremist” or “Sensationalized” sentences, it is funny because it is true. Just repeat those two sentences outloud. As a news writer writing headlines professionally for the last 6 years, this is insane; “Unprecedented.

Someone is going to have to “stand down” here, Democrats have been “Resisting” by “any means necessary” for 4 years on end and Donald Trump is starting to get very “Salty” about just how effective this “Tactic” has been. I mean, we only have about 10 days left to get Trump and Constitutionalists to do something “Brash.” After-all, Trump does still have the Constitutional “Right” to declare “Martial Law” if he so sees fit, so he isn’t ‘out of the game‘ – just yet. Don’t count your Binden’s before they hatch.

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And while I am on the subject of Joe Biden I have a message for him, or should I call it a “Warning?” My message to POTUS-elect is “Get Off Twitter. Get All Politicians Off Twitter, It’s A Matter of National Security.” But what do I mean by this exactly and why?

First is because an American Corporation; Twitter, a private entity, does own and specifically stores data regarding your direct communication; direct messages with other users. As POTUS, this means a corporation and its employees are able to see, read, store and show/share others the private communications of POTUS. That sentence is a very real alarm bell, no one should have this information available so publicly – for obvious reasons.

Second, the platform; Twitter does allow your direct messages; private communications to be read by 3rd parties, by friends or even the friends of people you communicate with. It even allows for this very data to be intercepted by black-hat hackers. Who ever you communicate with through Twitter becomes an immediate threat to “Security Clearances” and “National Security,” because anyone who sees anyone elses account has access to their data, messages – etc. They even have access to you through it. Maybe someone loses a phone, maybe someone’s child picks up their parents phone, maybe their phone is stolen in a raid at Capitol Hill, who knows these days, it just creates a long chain of security risks outside of POTUS’s, NSA or the Secret Services’ control.

You need to listen to what I am telling you. A few years ago I tried to get hired at a new website called Bleeping Computer, they had bought out two of my favorite authors from a different news platform and featured writings from a US Intelligence Contractor I did business with briefly throughout 2018. One day I remember coming across a headline….

But I felt as though Lawrence Abrams missed the lead in that piece, so I wrote a follow up article to it describing how, along with others, Fox News anchors had their Twitter accounts used/breached by Turkish hackers to send messages to POTUS. This was relevant because Fox News anchors were personal friends with and followed by Trump, who even used the platform to send messages back and forth with his closest friends/allies. So, when the news anchors or others had their accounts hacked by the Turkish separatists/terrorists, they had access to direct message sent by the Trump Administration; they had direct access to the POTUS’s private communications. Not only that, but they were then even able to use the hacked accounts to send direct messages to Donald Trump directly. He most likely read them because the messages were forwarded by trusted means, the accounts of friends; colleagues.

Just put that in your mind for a moment. Through Twitter and some random user on it, Terrorists established a direct line of communication to POTUS in live time – bypassing every measure, protocol and level of security we surround POTUS and POTUS’s communication with. If it can happen to Trump, it can happen to any active duty member of the United States Government on Twitter. How many people with security clearances are using Twitter right now? How many security threats is that? Twitter, a corporation, owns all the data of all who use their platform, even the criminals. These are the real threats.

Need I remind you that the Kremlin has banned all active duty military personnel from social platforms such as Facebook? For all these same reasons, because of how the US Gov weaponized US owned social platforms under the command of Donald Trump’s military.

Read More: https://creatorstribune.com/2018/11/09/russia-bans-active-duty-military-personnel-from-sharing-on-social-media/

Now that Trumps account has been closed, I advise that all members of the Biden Administration and Congress get rid of their accounts proactively. Surely they can still get important information out through a classier or more professional conduit anyways.

Besides, we already have established, multi-billion dollar outlets in this Government for intelligence and information sharing. What does any politician serve to learn from being tagged in a Tweet by theoretically any random person in the world? Every second a politician spends on a socially degrading platform like Twitter is one less second they could be putting towards reading actual intelligence, or learning from or engaging with more important sources. I know you are Democrats, but just because Twitter is “popular” does not mean it is a good thing – necessarily.

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