Op-Ed: Why I Haven’t Owned Cable In 3 Years

I joke about being an anarchist and anything I say can just be easily dismissed because I am a Schizophrenic, but I had a thought tonight: “I fear that US news networks are becoming a criminal organization.” What I mean to say by this is that every person in Manhattan is Government mandated to be sitting at home right now watching television on their couches. But look at what is on it, every single day. Look at how news anchors and talk show hosts want you to “feels” – and I did spell that word right 😉.

Look at Fallon’s poor little face? I know he has a pop culture show every night, but why does does either Jimmy’s feelings really matter, honestly. Why do people even care about other peoples feeling more than their own? But this is what people consume nevertheless.

This is not to mention nearly every news network, actor, celebrity and athlete in the United States besides Fox News calling Donald Trump “a loser, delusional, conspiracy theorist; un-well.” The next President of the United States is now calling Trump “unfit for office” and an “embarrassment” to this country. On top of all the aforementioned sources above calling Trump a “Xenophobe, racist, sexist, misogynist, Russian sympathizer,” you name it, for the the last 4 years running. That is a lot of hateful words to describe a single man, who happens to be actively holding the nations most “Prestigious” office – and these are all direct quotes.

All of this on top of societies anger right now over the state of their own personal lives. All those unemployed and/or stuck at home, being both punished for COVID-19 by the Government and suffering from the effects of the virus throughout our geography’s. You put everything together in one big bouillabaisse and it is no wonder why the world looks kind of “F*cked” right now – look at how people are acting on our television and social networks, then look around at how people are behaving on the streets….

Truth be told I do get a little news even though I do not have cable, through YouTube clips and things like this. I see Lester Holt’s show almost every night. Even reporters on his show called Donald Trump “a loser” while smirking and even laughing on air after saying it. These people are not just reporting ‘the news,‘ they are mocking and attacking Trump purposely; personally. It is completely transparent and has been going on for almost 5 years now. Make no mistake, they are talking pride in this right now.

You can not look around pop culture right now and not say that this is not being organized on some level; this is not just grass roots hatred for one politician; Donald Trump. These people all read from scripts, they are being told what to say, even Joe Biden, they are not ‘shooting from the hip‘ – so to speak. These key words are being used deliberately, tactically, whenever discussing Donald Trump. It is a coordinated attack and effort.

Look at what just happened in DC. Look at all the hatred and ‘division‘ among our culture the last half decade, look at how people are treating strangers in public, then look at the rhetoric society is consuming from our pop culture outlets; the news, sports shows, celebrities, newspapers, magazines, athelets – etc. People are literally dying because of the news, politicians, and how they are being reported on. New media organizations are willfully contributing to hateful and divisive dialogue, with smirks on their faces while doing it. Again, people are dying, people are rioting, people are killing each other just because of what they are being told what to think/feel by their television and people on it.

This has to stop. If news outlets are not going to improve their moral or ethical principles, someone has to be held accountable for what’s happening to our culture.