Part 2: My Experience Using CBD as A Replacement for Traditional Psych Medication

It has been about 6 weeks since I wrote one of my best performing articles since starting this website; “Op-Ed: My Experience Using CBD Oil as Replacement for Traditional Psych Medications,” so I figured I would do a follow up. Remember, the first article does contain two clinical studies of CBD oil as treatment for Schizophrenia.

Before continuing here I invite you to read the first article, so you can learn what this is all about and where I am coming from.

Since the last article I have upped my daily intake to I would say about 225-315mg per day, split between 1-3 servings a day. I have also started to expand on my use of CBD to include the smoking of Hemp flower – a much cheaper and more direct way of consuming CBD, actually.

Now that this has become a fairly consistent routine for me over the last two months, unfortunately, I really only have two negative side effects to report on. Not much in the way of positives. Remember, I am trying to be as objective as possible in this personal experiment, not just become a walking endorsement for CBD oil or products. As I learn, I share.

But from what I have noticed is that if I do not take any CBD oil throughout the course of a day I tend to get really inflated anxiety levels, almost irritable, above and beyond what I would usually consider normal – even pre-cbd. This goes away or goes down once I remember to take CBD again, but this would also indicate that just 2 months in, I am already exhibiting signs of what would be interpreted as a “dependency” on the drug. Taking it a step further, this might also indicate there is a certain withdrawal like effect to not taking CBD everyday. If I miss a day without caffeine, for example, I always get caffeine headaches.

Additionally, I’m needing much more daily, over time, to get the same desired effects as when I started – and this doesn’t appear to be plateauing. While this sort of thing is fairly common when we talk about any drug, as someone whom has been on psych medications in the past, I feel like the effects with CBD are more expedited than with “normal” psych medications. 2 months on the same Prozac dosage for example, I was still in heaven with no signs of coming down.

Lastly, as I eluded to, I have also begun introducing hemp flower into my everyday routine. You know, despite how much of a pot head I used to be still I never learned anything about Hemp, other than the fact it was illegal to cultivate – even for industrial purposes. Until just a few months ago I had no Earthly idea that smoking hemp had any actual benefits, I always assumed it was more pointless than smoking tobacco even. For the record, I’ve smoked one tobacco cigarette my entire life.

But from what I continue to learn about CBD is that there is no more effective or cheaper way to consume high levels of CBD other than smoking hemp directly. I did a rough calculation and found that smoking 1 hemp cigarette is between 50-60% more cost effective than one serving of CBD oil itself – and you receive 50-300% more mg’s of CBD at the same time. That’s just from store bought pre-rolls too. It becomes even cheaper when you buy your own Hemp flower. You’d have to be dumb to consume CBD through your liver/stomach. Not only is it not cost effective, your liver kills a large amount of the CBD that ends up in your system.

I smoke these:
and these:

I invite you to do more research on your own, but for the purposes of this article what you should know is that Hemp is the exact opposite of Marijuana in many ways. What I mean by this is that even though Hemp does not contain much, if any, THC, the active ingredient (Cannabinoid) which gets you high in Marijuana, Hemp does contain much higher level of other Cannabinoids compared to the Marijuana plant. Marijuana on the other hand has high levels of THC, but extremely low levels of CBD. This is why marijuana will get you high and Hemp will not, it will just relax you. And smoking is immediately relieving, I find. It’s not placebo.

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