How Can Biden Pass A 1.9 Trillion COVID Plan w/ 27.7 Trillion Dollar Debt & Only 2.2 Trillion In Physical Circulation?

Sadly, I know most people wont read this thinking it’s a ridiculous headline/premise but to be fair I only have to report on this because people are so ill-informed. For example, right now half of the country actually thinks Donald Trump has been impeached twice. In reality he has never been impeached once and is still serving as acting President, people are just dumb and new outlets like CNN make society dumber. However, Main Stream Media types are not the only ones who take advantage of societies combined ignorance, turns out a lot of politicians do it just as well. Just like with CNN’s reporting, it doesn’t matter what is actually true or even real, you can make people believe anything if you have enough public influence.

As reported by :cough:, Twitter, “President-elect Joe Biden presented his COVID-19 recovery plan to the nation. During his speech, he called for a national minimum wage of $15 an hour and an extension of emergency nutritional assistance for 43 million children and their families. Prior to the speech, he unveiled a 1.9 trillion plan that includes $1,400 in stimulus checks for citizens, $160 billion for a national vaccine program and more funding for state and local governments.

I know Americans have attention spans rivaling that of goldfish these days, but do you remember way back, all those years ago when Donald Trump couldn’t pass his 1 Trillion dollar infrastructure initiative? Or when he couldn’t get funding for his ‘Great Wall’ with Mexico, even though both cost even less? Do you know why both plans were shot down? Why Republicans shutdown the Government and threatened to do it again without budget cuts just before Christmas 2020? It is because this country is completely bankrupt and no, that is not an overstatement – that is the fact of the matter at hand.

Here’s a question for all you astute Americans. Do you know what National Debt means? Do you even know what the US Governments current National Debt even is? Have you ever heard of the Petro Dollar or World Reserve Currency? No? Then congrats, you are a true patriotic American. Just the way this country and its Government wants you to be.

As of January 15th, 2019, the United States Government presently holds 27.7 Trillion Dollars in National Debt. Moreover, United States Congress has operated the United States Government under an annual budget deficit every year since 2002 running. Despite being tasked with controlling our Nations finances, the US Central Banking System (the Federal Reserve), has allowed the finances of the United States Government to spiral into an unrecoverable hole. As a result, the finances of the average American have also been crippled. For example,

80% of Americans admit to being burdened by some form of debt & 70% admit they could not afford their lifestyles without the active use of debt:

The average American currently holds over $7,000 in credit card debt:

The average ‘homeowner’ owes, on average, $164,000 on their mortgages:

The average college graduate in American owes, on average, $29,000 on their student loans:

Moreover, it’s estimated that each month, 43% of all households in the US spend more money than they make:

And 41% of all Americans either have re-occurring medical expenses or hold outstanding medical debts:

In total, it is estimated that the average American adult owns/owes somewhere around $225,238 in debt – each:

Adding insult to injury now, there are over 1.17 million foreclosed homes in the United States:

Needless to say, the United States of America and its citizens are completely and entirely bankrupt. If the US Government was a business it would have closed its doors years ago. Again, we have had a budget loss every year since 2002. We are going on 20 consecutive years in the red. Honestly, no business could survive that.

Considering that, from the Federal Reserves perspective, debt is equal to credit; accounts receivable; an asset, pursuant to US Fractional Reserve Banking Laws, the US Federal Reserve must back up all of its credit with at least 10% capital. However, according to the US Treasury Department, only 2.2 Trillion Dollars physically exists worldwide in the form of currency (Federal Reserve Notes and Coins). So, taking into account 27.7 Trillion in debt (assets outstanding) with the fact that only 2.2 Trillion only exists as real world capitol (physical assets), this means that, even if the US Federal Reserve possessed every single coin and Federal Reserve Note in existence today (2.2 Trillion), this would only represent 7.9% of the total outstanding debt (assets).

2.2 / 27.7 = 7.9%

Put another way, even if the US Federal Reserve was in possession of every Reserve Note and coin in existence, which would be physically impossible, because then there would be 0$ left for anyone in the world to spend, they would still only hold 7.9% of their own assets in reserve. As the math is clear to see, the United States Federal Reserve and its board of Governors are in clear violation of Untied States Fractional Reserve Banking laws, with the disparity of their assets compared to the Nations Debt growing larger literally each passing second.

As US court precedent has already set via First National Bank of Montgomery v Jerome Daly in 1968, it is illegal for any US bank to lend out money with assets/money they do not have or can not possibly back up – because this would mean they were literally lending out money that they never actually possessed in the first place. Considering that there is 2.2 Trillion dollars in existence, it is literally impossible to ever own 27.7 Trillion. It is even logistically impossible to own 10% of 27.7 Trillion – meaning that the Federal Reserve is issuing out loans and money based off assets they do not physically have, never had to begin with and have no possibility of ever owning in the future. It is literally impossible to pay back 27.7 Trillion dollars because only 2.2 Trillion actually exists – highlighting just how grossly negligent the US Federal Reserve has been managing its own finances and the finances of this country.

Not only is the lending of the United States Federal Reserve illegal under US Banking Laws and previous court precedent, but their actions have also bankrupted this Nations National wealth – in doing so, stealing the wealth away from the people of this land.

This is why Republicans try to limit or cut spending, because what this country is doing is completely illegal. Our entire monetary system is completely made up, just numbers on computing systems. Nothing real/tangible/physical. The more the Government lets this country continue down this path the more evident this becomes to everyone else, and the more flagrant their abuses become. What do you think would happen to the world is the US Government went bankrupt? We are the world reserve currency, it would be complete and utter mayhem, so we just continue the lie to avoid any disruption to the status quo established by the 20th century.

This is also why even Democrats need to worry, because they cant just keep spending infinity trillion dollars on whatever they want every year. Surely someone will start paying attention one day. Just ask Joe Biden straight up where he is going to get this 1.9 Trillion dollars from? It doesn’t even exist, that’s why he feels comfortable doing it in the first place. What’s another 1.9 on top of 27.7 trillion anyways? People are too dumb to realize the truth, right Joe?

And by the way, all that stimulus money the US Government just wire transferred into your bank is proof just how imaginary our monetary system is. We are just changing numbers on computer screens now, not exchanging physical currency. What do you think would happen if everyone in the world cashed out on their bank accounts, stocks and bonds? The US Central Bank could not cover, as I have already taken the time to explain why. A 2021 run on the banks would be more catastrophic than the run on the banks before the Great Depression. It’s just the reality of our world, even if no one wants to report on it and people don’t understand.

By the way, I filed a lawsuit against the Federal Reserve in a NH court in 2019 for violating fractional reserve banking laws and it was accepted by the judge. Guess what happened? Within days the State involuntarily committed to me a mental institution. Just the reward people like me get for trying to expose the truth, how’s Assange and Manning holding up?

Wouldn’t you know it, by March 2020 the Federal Reserve passed new policies making them exempt from holding reserves, knowing full well how illegal their lending practices had been for decades. Didn’t hear about that on CNN, did you?

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Again, even if the Federal Reserve can no longer be held in account for the money they make up and lend out, such as with Bidens COVID-19 relief package, it doesn’t change the fact that none of this money is real and doesn’t exist. Even if there is nothing I can do about it in court, please just wake up!