Satire: A White Heterosexual Male Caucasians Take On Reverse Racism & Sexism In The City

You’re already triggered, just start reading. As an unemployed white guy living in metropolitan Manhattan, whom spent 11 months in the New York City homeless system, I think I have a unique perspective on this city and the “culture” embedded here. I am motivated to write this article after I had a job interview at Chelsea Piers for a guest information services position. Obviously, a job I was not selected for.

But during my interview I was briefly patronized by the employer interviewing me, whom just so happened to be a black male in his 40’s. I told him I got to know NYC from the Polo Grounds before moving back to the city this past November. He got sarcastic after he heard that, basically saying ‘oh yeah, I grew up from 155 and Saint Nich. You know, like Pac!‘ I paraphrase a little πŸ˜‰.

Basically he was just saying ‘what the f*ck you know about the polo grounds white guy, I’m really hood, respect my gangster!‘ – just in much more eloquent terms. Again, I may be ad-libing a bit.

Needless to say I was passed over for the position, like I have been several times in this city. +80 jobs applied/denied and counting in Manhattan this year alone, but who’s counting? This was my third time getting turned down at the Chelsea Piers complex alone the last 3 months; 2 different venues. You know what I think is interesting in general though? No one in any of the departments I have applied to are white, no one they have hired since is white. I look around at this city at large and I am not trying to offend anyone, but nearly all the cashiers speak English as a second or third language – which is a compliment in its own way. How many White Americans speak more than one language? Not many.

But the fact of the matter is that they can’t clearly communicate with a majority of the people that come in to those stores, yet they have these minimum wage positions – while people like me do not. I am college educated fluent writer in English, yet I will get turned down for this same minimum wage job 100% of the time in this city. In Harlem I couldn’t even get a job bagging groceries. I’m a 34 year old body-builder, but for the same Warehouse position at Yankee Stadium a +60 years old disabled man with a colostomy bag got chosen over me for that position. We applied at the same time, from the same place. I wasn’t even called, he ended up quitting after one day – and used my Metrocard to get back and forth. That’s not satirical, that’s a 100% true story.

You have to ask yourself, why do I experience this inside this city? It’s because I am white, that is all people see. People hate white people, especially because of Trump. This is the “culture” here. New York City just has it’s own weird little unique kind of f*cked up reverse racists culture that’s really everywhere in society. It’s one of the most unique/misguided cultures I’ve ever had the misfortune of surrounding myself with.

The whole reason I am writing this article is to shine light on just how racist I am treated in this city as a white man, because you already hear enough about this subject from black people. I just want equality here. Just because I am a white male heterosexual doesn’t mean it is impossible to discriminate against me or people like me.

Before moving on we have to address what this is all about in 2021; “Identity Politics.” I know most people would not be able to define that term if prompted, but I will again attempt to paraphrase as bluntly as possible. Basically it is a style of politics designed to empower certain groups of people behind prejudices which have historically been held against them throughout the distant past. In other words, it is style of politics designed to make every single person in a certain minority group believe they are “Victims” – no matter what their life circumstance. Hell, even LeBron James believes he is a victim of American society – give me f*cking break! But that is how effective this brand of politics is. Anyways, this is done because, naturally, when you think you are a victim it makes you feel powerless, which makes you become that much more motivated to rise up and “Resist.” Seen any massive protest movements the last 4 years?

The problem is that when you think you are automatically a victim 100% of the time, no matter the situation, solely because of the color of your skin, nationality or gender, you tend to hold certain “Prejudices” against people you think are oppressing you – or have oppressed ‘your people‘ throughout the past. This prejudice in your state of mind then leads towards “Discrimination;” discriminatory actions or ways of behaving towards those you hold prejudices against – ultimately resulting in text book “Racism.” The prejudices some blacks and Latinos hold towards whites is no different, better or worse than the prejudices whites hold towards “Blacks” or “Browns.” Racism is racism, no matter the race. It makes sense if you don’t think about it.

Roll Safe, the Guy-Tapping-Head Meme, Explained

But it is my website so I am going to keep it real now. That employer thinks I am just some bitch and he’s tough because I am white an he is not, and that’s the type of bull$hit that drives me crazy in this city. People feel so “Entitled” because of the color of their skin, and that phrase doesn’t just apply to white people anymore. Every little thing in this city is about race and victim identity.

I walk down the streets and I see all these signs “Black Owned” and “Women Owned.” Is it offensive and hateful that I made those women owned words “Pink?” I bet someone in this city thinks so! Proudly black owned is just as “Racist” as saying you are proudly white owned. Proclaiming you are male owned is just as “Sexist” as bragging about being female owned. What is wrong with people? You are not more moral by acting less moral than the people you find immoral. You are just that much more of a piece of $hit. This is the type of cultural cycle that plagues New York City and the every interaction you have amongst humans within it.

For the love of God, can you imagine what would happen to a white man if he put up a sign saying proudly “White Owned” and/or “White Male owned“? He would be boycotted by the media, condemned by society, his store would be vandalized – it would be complete anarchy. What’s more racist? Being proud of being Black or proud of being White? I don’t know, you tell me!

As the keeping it real continues, the following is not a pity party. I’ve been homeless in NYC, Miami and Nassau Bahamas. Spent 11 months in 2 NYC homeless shelters, got run out of Harlem for 23 days by people with guns because they didn’t want me, a white man, playing on a team in Rucker Park opening week. They called me Greyson Allan, because I played a little too rough. I lived in Central Park for those 23 days before coming back, literally inside Central Park. One fool tried to stab me the first night after I left and he wound up dead later that night. That’s all in the last 3 years. But this guy wants to patronize me about living around the Polo Grounds? He has been working at the Piers since he was 16, what bull$hit does he think he’s going to tell me about ‘that life‘? Ill pimp slap that fool.

But I let him have it and think he was cool because he is the employer and I am the one that needed the job, even though in hind site I probably should have just kept it real then and there – considering I wouldn’t have gotten the job either way anyways.

But getting back to the premise of this article, the whole ordeal is just a reminder of how much prejudice minorities hold against whites – even if no one calls them on it. What I want people to try and take away from this writing is how negative these ways of thinking are, as well as the real world implications this has on our every day society/lives. I find it disheartening minorities think they entitled to act in racist or discriminatory ways. It is hate all the same, I don’t care who you are. Where’s Bob Marley at – huh?


Lastly, I just can’t help but be reminded why Russian and Chinese troll/propaganda factories wanted Donald Trump to become President all along, because of how destructive they believed he would be to American society. Black or white they wanted to upend Americans lifestyle, comfort and rein at the top. They wanted Americans and American culture to suffer. It is amazing how effective they were and how one man, Trump, has turned so many people against one another. Look at the cultural fiasco he has created!

Morals don’t exist anymore. People look at Donald Trump and Donald Trumps followers as racist, sexist, deplorable people. But what people fail to realize is that to fight back and “Resist” them people have begun acting in even more deplorable ways to try and drown them out. What’s worse is that these people think they are in the moral right to act this way, no matter how deplorable, unethical or immoral their actions or words. People look at others they do not like and essentially just say to themselves ‘they think they are bad, I’ll show them. I’ll be even worse! That will show the the world how good of a person I am!’ It is the most perverted thing, immorality and belligerence have become moral right if it means combating different forms of immorality. It’s a self perpetuating cycle of stupidity. People are acting like fools everyday on these streets.

I covered anti-whalers whom actually sank boats full of humans to save whales. I know anarchist who blind cops with lasers for assaulting people with batons. I’ve meet feminist leaders/groups who follow men around saying they need to have their balls cut off, female reporters have even been fired for saying Russell Westbrook should be castrated like cattle. Can you imagine if a male followed females around publicly demanding they get their ovaries cut out? I’ve been probably 1 of only 3 white men at any given time in a homeless shelter with 197 other ‘black and browns.‘ A lot of fucked up racist shit goes on inside there, trust me.

I am getting sick of typing at this point, this article is about 5 times longer than it started out as. I just want people to look at how they act and re-learn how to act. At least learn to act more appropriately. I’m sick of all white people being looked at as racist because people do not like Donald Trump and the fact that Spanish/British colonists brought slaves to America hundreds of years ago. Stop blaming me, I can’t control any of that. F*ck off! I am sick of only racist white people being condemned by society, I demand equality. White people are not the only people capable of prejudice, racism, hate and discrimination, especially here in New York City.