Understand The Difference: Assange v Snowden

I just saw it on Twitter right now, Julian Assange trending. The link full of posts about pardoning or dropping charges against Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. For years people have always grouped the two of them together in the same sentence; advertisements or speeches and I have honestly never understood why. These are two entirely separate cases.

I fully support extradition charges being dropped against Julian Assange, and have contributed in ways you will never see. Assange is a “Maverick” journalist, the first of his kind, whom actually has the metaphorical balls to publish information that is damaging to all the worlds most powerful “Politicians.” This is because all the information he publishes use to belong to them personally. Politicians tend not to appreciate any challenges to their authority, and use said authority to make sure it doesn’t happen.

But all you need to know about Assange, really, is that he only publishes real/raw information – and I mean that literally. Every document that Wilileaks has ever published is 100% certifiable, irrefutable, real and genuine. Not once in his entire career has anything Julian Assange ever said, written or published been proven to be false or inaccurate. No one has tried to accuse him even. Honestly, look at the state of American politics and journalism. How many journalists and/or TV journalists can honestly say the same about their own portfolio/career? Not a single one.

Assange is a true maverick/renegade/savage/original – he doesn’t give a f*ck how powerful you think you are and doesn’t owe his loyalty to anyone, especially the countries persecuting him.

Edward Snowden on the other hand, and I know a lot of people are going to not like me for saying this, but Edward Snowden is a traitor. There are no two ways about it. He should never come back to the United States, what he did to the United States Government just can not be forgiven – ever. Snowden changed the course of history and geo-political relations forever. He really sold America’s balls out hardcore, and I don’t think he would do it a second time if he could do it all over again. But that’s just my opinion.

I mean, I have my own super-villian complex when it comes to the US Intelligence Community and I have very literally applied for political asylum in Russia – all the same as Snowden – but the US Government was also never stupid enough to hire me in the first place either. Snowden was pretty high up.

Even I think what Snowden did to this country is unforgivable, I don’t know how he is even alive to be honest with you – never mind seemingly flourishing. I am not going to write an article on the matter, but both China and Russia banned Microsoft from all Government use as soon as Snowden confessed to them – because he revealed clandestine collussion between American tech giants and the US Department of Defense. This is how he proved his worth to both China and Russia to be worthy of protection; how he bartered for his asylum.

You know how much intelligence was severed immediately because of that? How much intelligence was lost for the foreseeable future? How many years of Clandestine work were just all of a sudden blown up? Snowden changed the entire course/landscape of the Chinese and Russian Government, as well as how they carry out communications and activities on a literal daily basis. The world will never be the same place. This is not to mention ties to the later NSA breach and “Shadow Brokers” incident that took place after his arrival in Russia. Russia knows how political it was to take Snowden in, don’t think he didn’t have to prove his worth for the trouble.

That was a pretty big f*ck up, which is why Snowden will never have any chance of coming back to this country peacefully. Julian Assange on the other hand is an Australian journalist. The USA can f*ck off when it comes to prosecuting Assange, he has never owed the US Government anything – let alone loyalty. Their persecution of him is just sour grapes. The person who gave Assange those documents is the person who committed any crime, not Assange himself – and they know that.

Truth be told I don’t know why Edward Snowden is the President of Freedom of The Press. Snowden isn’t a journalist. He has never really written anything of significance. As far as US citizens supporting him, the thing is that most people kind of already knew the US Government was spying on everyone, so in this way Snowden really just proved what everyone already knew anyways. Which is why his leaks really never made much of an impact on the culture of the United States of America, or what the Government is still even allowed to get away with. It’s like the Supreme Court gives zero f*cks about the 4th Amendment anymore, but that’s one for a different monologue.

Anyways, I just wanted to break this down. You shouldn’t dislike Assange just because you dislike Snowden, they have literally nothing to do with each other. As for my thoughts on Manning I don’t know how much of ‘her’ decision to become transgender was her decision, or how much he mental health has been effected by this. I think Manning is a traumatized individual who had no real place serving as an Army soldier in the first place. I don’t think she was prepared for what she was told to fight for and how to fight for it and it troubled her morally. I think she did what she did because she has a conscious and knows how f*cked up it is the f*cked up games the US military plays with the world; peoples lives. The US is the perpetrators in many cases globally, rarely is this country ever a victim.

Again, Manning was a US Government employee who sold out this country for doing some very shady things on the international scene that no one knew about before. In this way Manning is more like Snowden than Assange, just didn’t do as much damage to this country as a whole. While I think both did it spiritualistically to ‘do the right thing,’ Snowdens actions were much more self-serving. I feel bad for Manning, it has been a rough decade. Nothing more is to be gained for the US Government from her continued persecution. Going back to jail over not testifying against Assange is a very honerable thing to do, she didn’t even have anything to add to the conversation against Assange if she knew anything anyways. I do not care who you are or serve, that is someone who is not afraid to do to the right thing – which should always be respected.

Say what you want, look at what Manning did and has now been through. Manning walks the walk, that’s pretty epic. How many people know your name?