Inauguration Day 2021: Reflections from 2012-2020 & The Next Two Years To Follow

I don’t know why my mind is “there” tonight, but I’ve been thinking back to 2015/2016 a lot lately in terms of the news I used to write and the content I used to consume to do it. When I was a younger man I was something of an evangelist, looked into joining the US Army as a chaplain. Was accepted to serve abroad in Jordan through the US Peace Corps, signed up the rebuild the Bethlehem Church after the fire, volunteered to plant trees in Palestine for Christmas – things like this.

Today I have lost my faith and no longer believe, and can not for the life of me understand why I did in the first place? I think my War and Human Rights reporting days really did a number on me and I can just never be the same person or see the world the same way anymore. Doesn’t mean I regret it necessarily. Sometimes when people ask me why I do what I do, say what I say or think what I think, I often reply by saying “what am I but the sum of my experiences?

Truth be told even to this day it is still a guilty pleasure of mine to watch the Jason A YouTube channel. Admittedly, since day one Jason A has been something a fantastical click bait artist, largely appealing to the religious Dooms Day audience types – but I’ve always found his channel entertaining. As a man who studied ancient cultures and religious scripture I never understood how anyone could conflate the events of 2010-2015 with the Biblical End Times of Revelation – but this was a fairly popular narrative of the time nonetheless.

Glenn Beck used to touch on it regularly and politicians, such as Michelle Bachman, whom ranked as high as 3rd in some 2012 Republican primaries, expressed how she too believed the end times were real and would indeed arrive during their lifetime. Hell, even the man I was apprenticing under, a 56 year old carpenter, believed with every fiber of his being that the end times were real and happening on Earth right now – and he used to listen to the Glenn Back show for 3 hours everyday during work. So you could say this narrative surrounded a fairly large portion of my life at the time, completely outside of my control.

I look back and think about all the talk surrounding JADE HELM, all the YouTube videos ‘proving the Illuminati were real‘ and that Obama was the Anti-Christ or at least a Kenyan Muslim – that Obama would declare martial law and declare himself dictator over the United States. This, of course, also followed all the alleged Mayan Doomsday Prophecy talk of 2012 which was pumped up through the popular media for years before hand. It was also back during the “Wild Wild West” days of social news media programing pre-2017, pre-Google and Facebook blacklistings. As a ghost writer at the time it was also kind of fun to be honest, it was literally an anything goes type of culture. Looking back, in many ways 2012-2016 and the headlines produced from it was a much crazier time period than that of 2016-2020 – the time of Donald Trump.

But that is also the problem, and I think why I am writing this today. The 2017 media crackdown was led by the same Democrats who are going to inherit the White House this week. The deployment of troops and the national guard on public territory is already being orchestrated by a President who isn’t even the President yet. I just don’t trust it. Democrats have control of the House and Senate and Presidency the next two years, and they are already running off the list of Executive Orders that are going to be signed within the first ten days in office. Everyone is encouraging Biden to make as many Executive Orders as possible, yet everyone condemned Donald Trump for doing the exact same thing when he first got into office. For the love of God, have you already forgotten the Sean Spicer Olympics everyday on television?

Democrats just have a naturally authoritarian mentality anyways and now everything they do for the next two years is going to happen completely unrestricted/uncontested, both in Congress and within pop culture/media. If ever there is going to be a time when one Party really goes overboard with their use of power I think we are going to see it happening 2021-2022. It is just funny because people and conspiracy theorists have been crying wolf about this sort of thing for the last 10 years running. In many ways people have become completely numb to it, ironically making it that much easier to actually pull off one day – in theory.

It’s is certainly going to be an interesting time period the next two years, I just hope the legislation and federal use of power is not going to be as extreme as I am forecasting. No one could stop it even if it is. I do not support Trump, never endorsed him once. But I just feel uneasy about Joe Biden, especially because his ties to Obama era War policy internationally. As well as his Russian rhetoric the last 4 years. I look around every news outlet in the United States outside of Fox News, I do not see a single person willing to say one word negative about Joe Biden. Everyone hates Trump so much Biden is like a Godsend right now. It’s like Biden is immune from criticism in the media and pop culture, and that worries me. Every President needs to be held to account.

There has been a lot of “Chatter” about Donald Trump declaring martial law before the inauguration of Joe Biden, along with Joe Biden militarizing Washington DC ahead of his inauguration day. 12 US states have already called in the National Guard to defend capitol buildings on the 20th. The thing is I don’t think anything is going to happen on the 20th, no one is really that riled up over defending Donald Trump – not even on some of the darker corners of the internet. In fact, the only extremist actions I am seeing so far in 2021 are all coming from politicians, calling on the US military to protect them. That’s a bit strange, isn’t it? Certainly not normal, but then again what is these days?