Understanding The Human Condition

This is somewhat of a throw back to something I wrote for my 2018 book, explaining how primitive the human race/condition really is – despite advances to society in our current day in age. I figured why not touch it up and reproduce it to make it a little more interactive for an online audience – especially with all this talk of racism blowing up. What’s to follow was from an extremely small chapter I named “The Human Condition” – enjoy!

The philosophical debate over whether or not human beings are actually mammals or a virus aside for a moment, humans are still literally classified within the animal kingdom – which has far more implications than I think anyone might care to realize. I say this because I think most ‘civilized’ human beings would scoff at the notion of being considered an “Animal.” After-all, we’ve invented advanced technologies, drive in cars, planes and live in highly organized/developed cities and societies. I mean, we even keep animals as our pets – right? So what the hell am I even on about then?

I bring this up because, scientifically speaking, the fact of the matter remains that human beings as a species are still nothing more than animals on this planet – no different than the rest of the animal kingdom.

Not only can we observe this in things like our sex drives and basic needs for survival, such as food, water and shelter, but it can also be observed in much more interesting ways. For example, ever seen two Rams butting heads to decide who gets the female or two wild horses kicking it out over a breeding opportunity? Ever seen two human males get in a bar fight over some female? Ever seen two teenage females get in an argument over the hot guy in high school? Ever seen two dogs barking at one another in passing on the sidewalk? Ever seen two random humans screaming at one another in road rage or talking $hit to one another in public? Think those rams, horses, dogs and humans behaviors are any different from one another? Or is all of this just naturally occurring animalistic instincts?

With that established, lets take it another step further – shall we? What about the way we humans define or defend our territory. I mean, look no further than the whole phenomenon of “Nationalism.” People literally believe they and their neighbors/countrymen are better or superior than other human beings for no other reason than some line which was drawn on a land-mass decades or hundreds of year before they were even born. We call this the ‘border’ of their country. We humans will quite literally defend our borders to the death as a means of keeping people of different ethnicity’s, religions and nationalities out. Look no further than Donald Trump.

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Tell me though, how is the human behavior of setting up and defending land borders any different than a Baboon, Gorilla or Rhino defending their territories in the wild? For all of history, why do you think humans have always resorted to defining/protecting their territories against other humans in the first place? It’s simple, it’s because we are animals. This way of thinking is just natural to us, as it is every other member of the animal kingdom. Just because a Rhino can’t knit a flag doesn’t mean they are doing anything different than humans.

Now that we are on the subject of hating or discriminating against people because of how they are different from us, lets talk about why this psychology even exists in the first place. Once again, in case you haven’t caught on yet, it’s because humans are animals.

The fact of the matter is that emotions like “Xenophobia” and “Racism” are nothing more than primitive/primal animalistic instincts existing naturally inside the animal kingdom. When you take a moment to think about it, in a primal way, it is somewhat natural to fear things that are different than you, or appear different than you, behave differently than you – so on and so forth. People fear what they do not understand and what’s foreign to them in respect to their normal way(s) of life.

In this way racism and xenophobia can be thought of a primitive defense mechanisms or animal instincts, existing inside human psychology to ensure our survival against something/someone they do not understand, deem a threat, or is in competition with them – etc.

What you have to understand is that for however different people are, humans are similar in so many ways. For example, everyone naturally wants something to feel special about, or to feel good or proud about. After-all, no one wants to believe they are just some worthless ant living a meaningless existence/life for the brief time they are on this Earth, so people begin coming up with ways to define themselves, express themselves, feel better about themselves or stand out from their peers. it just so happens that one of the most common things humans turn toward to are notions of Nationalism and Supremacism.

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Look at all those poor people. They actually believe they are special and/or better than other human beings solely because they happened to be born inside one predefined border and not another – nothing else. I’ll take it a step further, I bet you all of them are willing to fight to the death for their borderlands too. Look how proud they all are of something completely outside of their control, as if anyone has any say or control over where they happen to be born on this Earth. Yet people will cling to define their existence by things such as Nationalism nonetheless. It is completely irrational.

While we are on the subject of irrationality I want to talk about White-Supremacists and Neo-Nazi’s for a moment. If you’re not familiar with why these people feel view themselves as superior, it is because they believe they are part of the “Ayran Race;” – a superior species of humanity. Before you go ahead and blame white people, you might notice how “Iran” chose that name for their country after World War II, because Iran is the Arabic word for Aryan. Meaning that Iranians view their bloodline as superior all the same as Hitler’s Germans and modern Americans believe. So the concept is not unique to one individual race or geography.

These Aryans all believe they are special because of their blood line; the blood flowing through their veins – nothing else. In other words, even if they are unintelligent, short, un-atheletic, uncoordinated, bald, unattractive or have no discernible set of skills, morals, ethical principles or personalities, these people still honestly believe they are automatically better than every other human on Earth – solely because of their ancestors and the blood flowing through their veins. Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up. How pathetic is that? Yet this mindset still exists prevalently around the world. Once again, everyone is just searching for something to feel special about.

Lastly, I’d like to end with a point or two about Wars and why humans have always fought in them, as well as why we as a species will continue fighting them in the future. Once again, it’s because humans are nothing more than violent savages/animals – it’s just in our DNA. I really can’t stress it enough, humans are not nearly as smart or as evolved as we all give ourselves credit for. If we actually were, things like War wouldn’t even exist in the first place! Whether it’s fear, or territory or a need for resources, the laws of nature as they exist inside Africa’s Savannah or South America’s Amazon applies equally to the floor of the United Nations and the highest levels of our Governments. As a result of these natural needs, we humans will continue to fear, kill, hunt, destroy and steal from one another if it means giving ourselves and ‘our people’ the best chance of survival. It’s the laws of nature.

Now into the 21st century however, I’ve always found it fascinating how many primitive/lower evolved brains there are whom to still subscribe to racist, xenophobic, nationalistic or Supremacist tendencies/beliefs. In a sense, you should almost feel sorry for these people. I mean, how many hundreds, thousands or even hundreds of thousands of years behind the rest of humanity are these peoples brains? Stupid monkeys 😉.