Will Republicans Sabotage Biden w/ Another Recession or Depression Like They Did Obama?

This next article is going to border dangerously on the side of “Conspiracy,” but I am going to attempt to explain it as rationally as I know how. Just a few minutes ago actually I decided to watch Donald Trump’s farewell address to the Nation, a 20 minute speech delivered on Joe Biden’s inauguration day. However, around 5 and half minutes in I had to pause the video in disbelief over what I just heard, and it seriously scares me.

What I am referring to was the Trump Administrations decision to end the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement, otherwise know as NAFTA, in favor of a new Treaty going by the name of United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement – or USMCA. I am literally in disbelief as I continue typing this sentence.

Truth be told, writing has become a love-hate relationship for me. November 2019 through December 2020 was the longest period I have gone without writing a single piece dating back to 2013. I’ve really been in bad place mentally for a very long time now and have had no ambition. Earlier last year I moved out to the Berkshire Mountains and really lost myself in offline manual labor. This was from May – October 2020, so it was no surprise I never even heard of the USMCA before today – because it was signed into effect in July 2020. I didn’t even have internet out there, never-mind cable.

So why does this agreement make me so nervous? Well, it’s because I once remember learning about the “North American Union;” a theoretical alliance postulated by members of the Bush Administration sometime around 2005 if I remember right. Exactly like the USMCA, the North American Union would have been a Union between the United States, Mexico and Canada – only with one small difference. The North American Union called for the US Dollar to be abolished completely in favor of a new currency dubbed the “Amero” – similar in many ways to the Euro introduced on the world stage in 1999.

What’s scary to me is modern US history, along with even more modern politics. Can you imagine what would happen to the current “World Order” if the US Dollar was suddenly dropped from circulation? It is literally the world reserve currency, the world would never be the same place. But that is also the point, because the US Dollar has been in crisis for a very long time now – even if no one wants to report on it. I just addressed this very crisis in an article last week actually. I sincerely want you to read it before continuing here, so you can grasp what’s to come next.

I wanted you to read that just so you understand how dangerously close the US Dollar, and the US economy for that matter, really is to full collapse. That’s not the conspiracy part, that’s just a fact. With that established however, what I am about to write next may very well be just a conspiracy – but I am going to do my best to spell it out for you intellectually.

For starters, do you remember “The Great Recession” of 2009? I know it was a long time ago, but try to keep up. What you may or may not remember was that the Administration of George Bush began plans for this historical event to happen, but it was essentially pushed off until the start of the next Presidential Term of Barack Obama – who then became tasked with mitigating it in his own way. It was also not for naught that the North American Union was so close to becoming a real thing around 2005 and was debated so heavily by the Bush Administration for so many years afterwards, because everyone knew for a very long time this sort of thing was going to or about to happen.

So, I bring this up because another Republican just got ousted from the White House in favor of a very far “Leftist” President – just like with Obama in 2009. Basically, the more things change the more things stay basically the same. As I have already explained, in 2020 the US Dollar is dangerously close to full collapse and even Donald Trump has warned that the election of Joe Biden would usher in a crisis the likes of which this country has not seen since the Great Depression of the 1930’s. But, I mean, what are the chances the Republicans drop a financial crisis directly on the laps of an incoming Democrat President for a second time? Is that conspiracy? I guess only time will tell, but for now it seems fairly ominous – at least to me.

Joe Biden has already signed Executive Orders rejoining the Paris Agreement, an agreement Donald Trump left because it would cost too many Trillions of Dollars to actually pull off one day. It will be a huge expense to the US Government. Joe Biden has cancelled the Keystone XL Pipeline, a project undertaken by the US Army Corps of Engineers. This is a pipeline was an investment that would one day very soon start turning profit for the US Government, at least would have. Now, because of Biden, it has become a dead end sunken expense. On top of this, Joe Biden has also promised more restrictions nationwide to combat the COVID epidemic, theoretically reducing business activity and consequentially, Government tax revenue gained from businesses and their employees wages. Joe Biden has additionally promised another 2 Trillion dollar economic package to the American people, a direct expense upon the US Government. Joe Biden has promised a minimum wage hike nationwide to $15/hr, something which will become a huge detriment to businesses/employers in this country. Again, when businesses make less money the Government makes less tax money from them.

Everything I just listed all costs the US Government more money in the future, on top of what Bush, Obama and Trump have already spent in the past. If you read the article above you would know that Congress has already operated the US Government under an annual budget deficit every year running since 2002. As a result, we now have an unprecedented 27 trillion dollar national debt. In the mid-90’s this debt was near zero by comparison. Now Biden wants to add trillions upon trillions upon trillions more spending/debt to US Government expenditure? It just can’t happen, logistically or literally. I only see one result, full economic collapse. Biden’s Executive Orders may indeed all be “Honorable,” but we just cant afford them. Now is not the time for more wreckless expenditure, we are going to break our own monetary system and push ourselves over the financial cliff.

But then again maybe everyone has known this all along, just like the Recession before 2009. Maybe the USMCA was formed in anticipation of the eventual collapse of the US Dollar? You can call it conspiracy for now, but the ducks are kind of lining themselves up – so to speak. For now it is just something to keep in the back of your minds. Sleep tight mi amigos.