Manifesto: Do Not Be Fooled by US/NATO Propaganda; Russian Protests Movements

I have to write this because this is exactly what I feared. This is not about “Patriotism” or “Loyalty” to a nation, this is about the good of the entire world. The United States and Joe Biden must not succeed. What I am referring to is the mediocre rise of Alexei Navalny, as well as recent developments inside Russia ever since Joe Biden won the November 2020 elections.

In case you haven’t learned, protest movements inside Russia are trending on Twitter today – shocker right? The weaponization of the Twitter and Facebook for use in “Unconventional Warfare” at the hands of the Untied States Government has already been well documented, so I am not going to repeat myself again. Instead I want to draw attention to what this is all about and what these events represent, as well the implications they have on the future of Russia if the USA is indeed successful in their intentions.

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What’s troubling me is the fact that a number of close allies of mine are currently on board with their support for the nationwide protest movement currently unfolding throughout Russia. In some ways this is no surprise really, because these guys unanimously seem to support any/every protest movement no matter where it’s occurring or what the cause.

You see, I’m somewhat of an anarchist and I do not apologize for this. But when we talk about the international anarchists scene on a high enough level, you’ll find that it’s a relatively small and tight knit community. We are legion, but we are few. For this reason most anarchists/activists tend to blindly support any/every protest movement they see around the world, to show support for those people, throw their weight/platform behind them and let them know they are not alone; that their voices are being heard.

But what’s happening inside Russia right now is something entirely different, at least in my opinion. Right now, at this very moment in time, we are not watching a grassroots political movement inside Russia. These are not legitimate protest movements orchestrated on behalf of “Oppositional Leaders,” political candidates or even Russian citizens trying to make Russia a better or more peaceful/prosperous place. Instead, what we are watching is the exact opposite.

What’s currently happening inside Russia is a coordinated and well funded international propaganda effort designed to divide the country, turn the Russian people against themselves and their Government, sow chaos, plant seeds of doubt, disrupt the Government and overthrow the “Regime” of Vladimir Putin. This, of course, is being done in retaliation for what Putin did to the United States in 2015/2016 with the election of Donald Trump – allegedly – as well as Russia’s checkered history of ‘meddling‘ in European affairs.

I published some of these Tweets for you here today so you can see what some of my international friends are saying about the situation in Russia, as well as why I fear them. What you need to understand is that me and my friends almost unanimously support international protests movements of any kind because we all believe that that protest, revolution and anarchy offer a means to an ends – one that will ultimately make the world a better place in the long run. Generally speaking I completely agree with this notion, just not in this particular instance.

I just want people to think about what’s going to happen if these protest movements are successful. Destabilizing Russia and the Russian people will not make this world a better place, in any way shape or form. It will not improve international relations and it certainly will not improve the lives of Russian citizens.

This is hardly the first time a Joe Biden led Government has attempted to overthrow the Government of a President they do not like. Have Americans already forgotten the Regime Change Wars of Libya and Syria? What about the coup of al-Sisi in Egypt or the attempted coup of Erdogan in Turkey? Every single one of these instances occurred under the Presidential Administration of Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Look at what has happened in Libya, Syria, Venezuela and Egypt. All countries the US Government, under a Biden/Obama adminstration, have successfully overthrown the Government within. Ask yourself, are the people of these countries any better off? Has the world been made a safer place, or has War and violence only increased both in and around these territories? Is the removal of any President worth the lives of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of innocent lives?

In every single instance the US and US allies are the perpetrators, sowing division, death, destruction, chaos and War – just like they are now trying in Russia. Every time the US attempts to subvert an international Government leader it results in bloodshed and tragedy. Not once has there ever been a successful peaceful transition of power in any country they have overthrown or attempted to overthrow. How long can Joe Biden and the USA keep getting away this this? Why are they even allowed to get away with this in the first place? Joe Biden is literally a War criminal responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands, and that’s just around North Africa and the Middle East. This is madness! It must be stopped!!

Just look at the timing and logistics of this. Who gave Alexei Navalny sanctuary? It was Germany, a strong US ally and NATO member. Navalny arrived back in Russia within days of Biden’s inauguration and on the day of his inauguration, the Putin’s palace YouTube video went public. Now, less than a week into Biden’s first term, national protests are suddenly erupting all over Russia. None of this is grassroots, none of this is coincidence, it’s a completely transparent and coordinated international effort to subvert the Government of Vladimir Putin in favor of a new Russian President with ties to NATO and whom will sympathize more strongly with NATO’s international interests.

What people also need to understand is that Vladimir Putin will not concede to these people, he will not allow any lynch mob to remove him from power – or even disrupt his country. This is why he will arrest thousands and kill hundreds to preserve his regime, because he honestly believes it is in the best interests of the Russian Federation long term.

Say what you want about him, you can never deny that Vladimir Putin only has the best interests of Russia at heart. All Putin desires is the strongest and most prosperous Russia imaginable, and will fight anyone whom gets in the way of this goal – even those inside his own country. The only way Vladimir Putin will ever willingly remove himself from power is if his removal would make Russia a stronger or better off country.

Look at what protesters do. They sow chaos and belligerence, litter and destroy infrastructure. They try to subvert the power of the Government and police, and for what? To what ends are they accomplishing? What solutions does anyone in the lynch mob actually offer? How will violent protesters make Russia a more prosperous nation? In what way does any lynch mob make any country a safer or better place? Russia will never allow it, the country has been subverted too many times throughout history to allow it again, and you best believe Putin will never let it happen. Not so long as he is alive, that is.

So you understand, this is why people are being arrested or even killed in such great quantity, because they protest, riot and sow destruction or division. From Putin’s perspective, in what way does that make Russia civilization better? In what way are these protesters acting to tangibly improve anything inside the country or anyone’s lives there? He sees these people only as destructive and misguided, not helpful to any situation, so he treats them accordingly. You can call this authoritarianism if you want, but Russia has been destabilized by foreign powers so many times throughout history they’ve become increasingly intolerant to it.

As I maintain, not just for the good of Russia but for the entire world at this point, now is not the time to support Navalny or the protesters inside Russia. Now is the time to condemn the United States of America and Joe Biden for their War Crimes and the War Crimes they wish to continue carrying out in the future. War with or inside Russia will have global implications, and extremely negative ones at that. Every time the USA has done this to a country it has ended in complete disaster, and none of those countries were nearly as powerful or influential as Russia. For the betterment of our collective future, we must support Vladimir Putin and condemn Joe Biden – before it’s too late.