21st Century Thought Experiment

So this one is going to be unique, my schizophrenia is a little more acute then normal, but I want to take this time to report about “Religion” and “Magic.” I know most people do not believe in magic or spells or witchcraft and the like no matter what evidence is put in front their face, but I for one do not believe Pagans or Wiccan’s for example practiced magic for thousands of years because they never got any results from their efforts – people are not that stupid no matter what preconceived notions you may hold about them. There’s also a reason why a religious War against Paganism was fought in the first place, and pieces of literature from it are banned to this day.

Go find yourself a Jewish Rabbi or scholar on a high enough level and ask them about the magic practiced by King Solomon, I dare you. You will probably be kicked out of the room or reminded how forbidden this kind of knowledge even is, never mind practiced. Nonetheless it did happen. In fact, I happen to be in possession of magic book which is said to be curse for anyone who owns/reads it, with some of the same literary works practiced by Solomon himself. Do you dare to own it? You can find it below.

Sacred Magic: https://creatorstribune.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/sacred-magic-of-abramelin-the-mage.pdf

I bring this up because people always like to talk about God or Gods, especially when we bring up ancient times. Greek Gods, Egyptian Gods, so on and so forth. Nibiru!! You know what I am referring about, but for now I want to focus on perhaps one the most misinterpreted pieces of scripture there is. This is the commandment, “There shall not be any Gods placed before me; the God of Israel.” But just look at the word “Gods,” plural. Even the Hebrew Bible is saying there is not just one God, but many Gods out there – they just shouldn’t be worshiped ahead of the “one” God of Israel.

So there you have it, if you are a devout follower or “Practitioner” of “Judaism” or “Christianity,” then you must also believe there are multiple Gods in our “Reality.” This is a thought that most people never entertain, merely thinking of God in a monotheistic sense exclusively. People are also dumb, generally speaking. In fact, most Jews and Christians would go as far as to say that the idea that there is more than one God is just ridiculous – go ahead, ask anyone. Personally though, I believe they are mistaken and even scripture admits this.

So, if the God of Israel can shape the world as he so see fit, then presumptively all the other Gods must also have equal or lesser comparable power – if you knew how to harness them/it, that is. But that brings me back full circle back to my first paragraph; why there was a War waged against Paganism in the first place – because the religion and its practice in the “Natural World” is beyond almost any humans capability to control it, thus its practice becomes detrimental to the world or human condition overall.

King Solomon was the wisest man whom perhaps ever lived in all of history, and even he struggled to control the force – certainly feared it even. Surely then no random human stumbling on to this information for the first time, let alone practicing it for the first time, can possibly control what they are dealing with – they just releases tons of forces they cant control unto the world. With age and experience comes wisdom, for all of us.

But the topic got me thinking the other day in relation to a “Conspiracy Theory” I just learned about for the first time, just a couple days ago actually. Since it is such a large conspiracy theory, in fact, I am going to have to ask of you to think of the following as nothing more then a “Thought Experiment” – such as Friedrich Nietzsche would describe.

Setting up the experiment: A coalition of international scientists, working on behalf of the Vatican during/before World War II, invented something they refered to as a Chronovisor. Allegedly, this device allows for the frequencies of radio-active carbon decay to be interpreted into an imagine, allowing to prove if past events actually unfolded the way history books remember. Allegedly the Vatican has found proof that Jesus did walk Earth and we can even look ahead briefly into the future. But here is the thing though, only very briefly into the future. In fact, as of the year 2084 everything just suddenly goes black and no one can explain why, and no one has an answer.

So, with that established, what does that mean for the present generation currently living on planet Earth? What does that mean of the human species? What does that mean in the name of religion? I just want you to think about that. When you have taken your time I want you to watch the following video. You can fast forward to 3:05 into the video if you prefer. It is a really unique speech with a ton of symbolism and double meaning, and it just sparks so much introspective thought – especially given the backdrop. It is highly “Enlightening” and “Intelligent,” despite the “Conspiracy” angle.

I hope you all take some time to think tonight about how we all live our life, and the reality we allow ourselves to live in. Is what humans have created really what we all want out of this world? or should we be doing so much better? I think the answer is obvious, but you must decide……