A Word or 667 of Them On Communism, and Hillary Clinton

I haven’t written in a while, this is because I have been placed back on psychiatric prescriptions for the last 6 weeks. It literally alters your brain, so it is difficult to write while going through it. But of all things in the world tonight I wanted to talk about “Communism,” and Hillary Clinton. Don’t necessarily connect the two right now though, this will all make sense by the end – I hope.

You know, Communism is kind of “taboo” here in the “United States.” You can’t really teach it in schools, you will be socially/publicly condemned at large by society if you come out as ‘pledging your allegiance‘ to Communism or a public Communist, and the US has waged many Wars against the spread of Communist ideology alone throughout Lower Asia and South America – for decades on end. Needless to say, why am I calling Hillary Clinton a Communist then? Well, I am not – really.

But before we get to that, I hang a Soviet Union flag in my cabin to this day. This is not because I am “a Soviet.” Rather, it reminds me that in order to succeed I need to work psychically hard to do it. It is something about Communist “culture” and being a member of the “proletariat” at large which I identify with. After-all, the hammer and sickle aren’t represented there for no reason. I am not a Communist though, I am more like a ‘butt-hurt‘ reformed Libertarian these days. I try not to follow or write for politics as much as possible anymore..

But here I am today, last night I heard a term people have been using a lot lately – even on on Lester Holt’s nightly news broadcast. This would be the term/phrase “It Takes A Village.” This, of course, referring to Hilary Clinton creation/manifesto/publication: It Takes A Village.

Like “Communism” it believes that in order for a “community‘ to thrive, or even a “culture” or “civilization,” it relies on the collective work or “mindset” of everyone in that culture – or other portions of subculture such as “political parties.” It’s a “Unionist” or “Uniform-ist” approach to all manners of carrying out politics and individual lifestyle, if you will. I call this Hillary Clinton’s “manifesto” sarcastically, intentionally unfairly, because only mass murderers produce manifesto’s – right? I think that is only what American news watchers think, anyways.

Regardless, “chatter” on all them inter-nets and even on news publications is about how we all need to build a village, and Joe Biden personally thanks Hillary Clinton for her influences on many of the matters that both of them believe in and stand for to this day. Clinton was at the literal heart for the US Democrat Party for a very long time, but people seem to forget that about her here in the USA. Which is also something as a slap in the face to all those “leak-ers” who tried to “educate” the US population prior to November 2016.

Regardless, Joe Biden himself once said about the American Democrat Party while he was then President-elect, “I am the Democrat Party.” In other words, they are that village now, which is how Democrats have now won back the House, Senate and Presidential seat in 2020 – because of everyone’s collective work together on the same goals, agendas, platforms, news/journalism agenda’s, propaganda – etc.

It is just funny to me, I guess. How much Communist mentality also manifests itself though modern liberalism. The countries divided by the Cold War decades ago, it’s politicians fight the same battles for the collective futures of us all. Two sides of the same struggle, you could even call it “comradery” if you didn’t know any better.