Memoir On Assange

This is 1 of 2 messages I sent to the judge of assange’s extradition, two days before the ruling is to come down. Second was a dismantling of the US’s legal case in the US.

I feel obligated to interject in the matter of Julian Assange. Who am I? I am just a normal citizen of the United States on paper. I’ve been a writer for 6 years now, only about 5 1/2 years have I done this publicly under my Government name. In 2018 I fled the United States and sought political asylum in the Bahamas. This was denied. I made my way into the Russian Consulate and French Consulate twice, French Embassy once. Refugee status and asylum were denied. It is illegal to extradite me from the United States to a country, say the Bahamas, because I am diagnosed with Schizophrenia. I diagnosis I received in a Miami mental hospital immediately upon my return from the Bahamas. Because it is relevant in this matter, it is illegal to extradite autistic individuals and not unprecedented to block the extradition of even those suffering from Major Depressive Disorder.

The United Kingdom shares many of these principles. For example, in the case of Lauri Love. A high functioning man with Asperger’s, suffering from Major Depressive Disorder. Today his depression is in remission, but at the time this was largely centered around the prospects of life facing life imprisonment in the United States. This is a fate that Julian Assange is also facing. Look how Assange reacted to one year in prison in the United Kingdom alone. He hid in an office space for over half a decade just to avoid one year in prison. Can you imagine how he feels, thinks, or reacts to the potential fate awaiting him in the United States. Assange would lose his mind, and he has. Did you see him getting dragged out of the consulate? Has he made any public statements, has he wanted to be in general prison population? The man is afraid for his life, well before he is even in the United States.

Julian Assange is suffering from Pyschosis, acute. He has been for years without proper treatment. At this very moment in time Julian Assange is suffering from Major Depression, which includes Psychotic Depression – depression combined with a form of psychosis. Any phsycologist can attest to this, I am a student of psychology. Your court, the UK Government has the moral obligation to deport Assange to his country of origin following his release from prison. He is not mentally fit to be on trial, he is not mentally fit to be in general public even, he is mentally disabled at the present moment in time and it is the law of the United Kingdom to deny the extradition of individuals with disabilities.

This is not to mention you are a court in the sovereign nation of Great Britain; you are not an extension of the United States judicial system. It is not your obligation to abide by the laws of the sovereign nation of the United States. To a much larger degree, that is also the very point here.

I have made the remark that extradicting Julian Assange, theoretcially, would be setting the precedent of the following scenario. For example, it is illegal for anyone in the United States to consume alcohol under the age of 21. However, in many countries around the world it is perfectly legal and socially acceptable to consume alcohol at lets say 18 years of age – lets say in Italy, for example. Now, do you think it is acceptable for an international court to allow the extradition of an 18 year old underage drinker from Italy to the United States? Or does the 18 year old in Italy owe no legal obligation or consideration to follow the laws of the United States? This is the type of precedent your court would potential set if you entertain Assanges extradition any further. It is assanine, logically.

So we are clear here. Julian Assange is a citizen of a foreign, sovereign nation; Australia. As such Assange owes no legal consideration to the idiosyncrasies of US Law – which the US Government’s Espionage Act certainly qualifies as. Julian Assange is not guilty of any further crime in The United Kingdom, literally – he is currently serving his time. When his time in prison is over, Assange is a free man to return back to his country of origin. Great Britain’s Government would not, and will not be charging Julian Assange for his journalism – because it is not a crime in the UK. When UK Law would not charge Assange for what he is accused of, then UK courts are obliged to abide by the laws of their country – not act as an extension of a foreign nation’s laws.

In closing, there is high profile legal precedent inside the United Kingdom to deny Julian Assanges extradition on the grounds of disability alone. Additionally, upholding the court of a sovereign nation, UK judges are not to serve as an extension of a foreign power. Julian Assange’s extradition is to be denied, and he shall be returned to his country of birth when his time in UK prison has concluded. Given Assanges mental condition and physical state, the UK Government is also obligated to directly intervene and make sure Assange gets back to Australia timely and safely, immediately after the conclusion of his sentence. I believe there should be an order of protection placed upon Assange, similar what was done to me inside the United States after being returned from the Bahamas, forcing Assange to a mental institution to receive treatment for acute psychosis and the trauma it is indubitably leaving behind on his mental state.