Editor – Brian Dunn

In 2015 I applied for the US Central Intelligence Agency, I was rejected. Within months I was a writer and content specialist for AnonHQ.com – where I served until November 2016. My work was listed as “Russian Propaganda” and sub sequentially, AnonHQ and other websites I worked for/with were blacklisted by Google and Facebook. By spring 2018, though I had managed to get 4 websites published into Google News inclusion and 5 Pages verified on Facebook, I went bankrupt. At one point I was kicked out of the Bahamas for illegal immigration in 2018, wound up homeless on the streets of Miami and New York City, and both France and Russia denied me refugee status or political asylum. I’ve been rejected for every writing position I have ever applied for under my Government name – Brian Dunn – since 2015.

This whole website is my creation, there is not one other person involved. I do everything from twitter to thinking about an article to writing, editing and producing it, pushing it, website security, design, everything.